10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas

10 Family Photo Ideas – In fact, it is very important for us to capture moments with family. In addition to being a keepsake, you can show off this family photo and upload it to various social media or display it at home.

Interestingly, family photos that are used as displays at home can be a reminder for families who have started to go senile. Can also be a reinforcement when difficult times hit.

Usually, this photo is also taken at certain moments, such as weddings, graduations, holidays, or other important moments.

Currently, there are many interesting and unique family photo ideas, which can be used as inspiration for your family to take pictures, you know! You can look for it from the photos of artists uploaded on their social media. Usually, the artists also determine interesting and unique themes.

For that, here are some interesting family photo ideas from artists that can inspire your family. Come on, see!

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10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas

1. Theme Gothic Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina's family

10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas
Source: https://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2020/02/13/194/2168046/gaya-raffi-ahmad-dan-nagita-slavina-gunakan-jaket-black-di-paris-edgy-dan- pierce

Family photo theme gothic You can use the family style of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina as inspiration, you know!

Gothic what's that, anyway? Gothic this is known as the name fashion in the 80's. Besides that, fashion it also refers to surrealism, horror literature, horror films, and punk rock music.

Smokey eyes makeup wrapped with outfits, all black makes this gothic theme seem even stronger in this family photo. Plus, the expression and background of the photo taken in Paris is very refreshing to the eye.

Well, for that, you can really use it as an inspiration for your family photos.

2. Anang and Ashanty Family Photo

10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas
Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

For those of you who want to go on vacation to the beach, Anang and Ashanty's family photo style must be an inspiration. Their family chose to go green with floral motifs. This motif is perfect for visiting and taking photos at the beach.

Also, don't forget to mix and match colors outfits,-mu with the background you used to take pictures, yes. For example, their family also uses a green background so as to make the color combination of photos good and attractive to look at.

3. Ruben Onsu's Family Casual Style

10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas
Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Family photos don't have to be done while on vacation, you know! A family photo in the yard is also a good idea just like Ruben Onsu's family. However, you have to arrange or think of a good position so that the results are interesting.

The outfit all-white combined with jeans is also very nice to look at. It's simple, but this casual style is the easiest for you to inspire if it's not possible to spend a lot of budget.

4. Nia Ramadhani's Unique Family Pose

10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas
Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Ardhi Bakrie's wife, Nia Ramadhani, is an artist who always captures moments with her family while on vacation. He also never misses to upload it on social media.

In the photo, it appears that Nia and her family are on vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and visiting Lego Land.

In the photos, they use funny, unique, and interesting poses so they can be imitated. Style outfits, the casual is also no less cool. You can use their family photos as inspiration, especially for the poses.

5. Yoon Sang Hyun's Family Photo

10 Unique and Interesting Family Photo Ideas
Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Use outfits, The formal one also looks attractive in Yoon Sang Hyun's family photo. Like Ruben Onsu, their family also took pictures behind the house.

It's also interesting. For those of you who don't want to be complicated and spend a lot of budget, you can really try it. Moreover, if you and your family have outfits, uniform. You just have to design which background you will use. Then, pose as attractive as possible. Yoon Sang Hyun's family pose can also be used as inspiration.

6. Cool Photos of Irfan Hakim's Family

Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

For those of you who want a family photo with a rural theme, Irfan Hakim's family photo can be a very unique and interesting inspiration.

The background of water and trees makes the atmosphere look cool. What's more, a brown outfit and stripes that match the photo background.

7. Andhika Pratama's Family Photo

Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Besides Nia Ramadhani, Andhika Pratama is also diligent in uploading moments with his family while on vacation. Of the many photos on his social media accounts, there is one that is interesting. The reason, they take photos in the background in the rice fields.

Interestingly, they were seen in a bird's nest. Very unique, yes! This can really be an inspiration for your family photos.

8. Kwon Sang Woo's Family Photo

Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Again, for beach lovers, you can use inspiration from Kwon Sang Woo's family photos. No need with outfits, the “wow”, with outfits, casual you can also take pictures on the beach.

Give the best smile and pose, yes, so that the feel of your photo is not boring.

9. Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Run's Family Photo

Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

This family is a family who often shares their moments of intimacy on various social media. The photo above was uploaded when they were celebrating Chuseok. In the photo, the three brands are seen wearing Hanbok, which is traditional Korean clothing.

Well, for those of you who like Korea, the uniqueness of Joo Sang Wook's family photo can be your inspiration, right!

10. Chicco Jerikho and Princess Marino's Casual Family Style

Source: https://www.orami.co.id/magazine/ide-foto-keluarga

Pedestrian background with outfits, casual makes Chicco Jerikho's family photo aesthetically nuanced. Don't forget that they always display the best happy poses and smiles so the photos are interesting to look at.

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Those are 10 interesting and unique family photo ideas. How? Interesting all, yes! Just choose the one that suits your family's taste, OK!

Family photos are indeed a moment that will always be remembered and can strengthen a more harmonious relationship with family. So, take a photo once in a while in your important moments with your family.

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