Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

Popular Influencers in Indonesia – You should know that currently, a new profession that many people dream of is being an influencers. Recently, influencers have made society more open to various technological developments.

an Influencer are also said to have a bright future. The reason is that they have fantastic income. Not only promoting goods or services, but the influencers 's lifestyle inspires many people.

As a result, influencers have considerable fame and influence in society. Do you want to know who the most popular Indonesian influencers is? Let's get to know the following ten popular influencers in Indonesia.

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10 Popular Influencers in Indonesia.

Reporting from various sources, here are ten famous influencers in Indonesia!

1. Fadil Jaidi

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

He is an Arab descendant who became famous because his exciting content started with the endorsementment concept that looks out of the box and continues with the naughty content he did with his father, Pak Muh.

In fact, from a long time ago, he often played TV series, but his followers were fewer than today. Currently, on his Instagram account, Fadil has a total of 8.1 million followers. While TikTok has 9.2 million followers, and YouTube has 4.74 million subscribers.

Fadil began to gain popularity in his career when he often played pranks on his father, which was a great source of amusement for netizens. Many of them thought that he was a comedian. His father also didn't take his pranks seriously.

As a result of the close relationship between son and father, it often becomes public consumption.

Fadil is also famous for his unique endorsement- concept. He often combines drama elements with his endorsement, so many netizens feel entertained by watching them. His endorsementare recognized as having a significant impact.

Many products are selling well, thanks to Fadil's reviews and endorsement . In addition, Fadil also has several well-known businesses, including Traffic Bun (burgers), Acas Nyemil (various snacks), Warung Pak Muh (meatballs), and Franchise Street Boba (the franchisor is Jovi Adighuna).

2. Jerome Polin

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

Do you know this smart and intelligent man? Yup, Jerome Polin Sijuang or also known as Jerome Polin. He is an influential influencers focusing on education and entrepreneurship, Ok!

Jerome is an influencers who graduated from Waseda University, Japan, majoring in Applied Mathematics. On her current Instagram account, he has a following of 7.3 million. While on his YouTube account, he has 10.1 million subscribers. Wow, fantastic, right?!

Jerome broke the statement that "smart people only can study" Jerome also proved that intelligent people, even in math, can become influencers. Moreover, he started to be a famous person because he often shared videos of himself solving math.

Thanks to his excellency in making videos, he has also made his audience or followers love to learn things that many people avoid. In the end, he was also known as a millennial influencers .

Currently, Jerome is increasingly becoming the inspiration of many people. In 2021, he succeeded in establishing a company called Mantappu Corp and became a CEO (Chief executive officer). In the same year, he and his brother founded a popular beverage business called Menantea.

Do Jerome Polin's achievements inspire any of you here?

3. Rachel Vennya

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

You must also be familiar with this one influencers . Rachel Vennya Roland is often called Rachel, Raven, or Buna. On her Instagram account, she managed to get 7.1 million followers. Her number of YouTube subscribers reaches 1.4 million. Meanwhile, for TikTok, there are 1.8 million.

Initially, she was a beauty influencers . After she got married, however, she began sharing her parenting knowledge on Instagram. That way, now she is better known as an influencers focusing on parenting.

Rachel has two kids named Xabiru Oshe Al-Hakim (Xabiru) and Aurorae Chava Al-Hakim (Chava). Both are adorable. The way Rachel cares for her kids has also inspired parents out there. Many of them became Rachel's followers to learn her parenting.

As one of the influencers, , Rachel has also been influential in opening various online fundraising campaigns. She managed to open more or less about seven fundraising events, many of which got a fantastic amount. Every time he raises funds, he can reach up to 3 billion rupiahs. Awesome!

Among them are PPE for Covid-19, residents and health workers affected by Covid-19, women SMEs, the natural disasters of the Donggala earthquake and tsunami in Palu, children affected by HIV/AIDS, the NTT landslide disaster, and disasters in South Kalimantan and West Sulawesi.

It's not surprising that Rachel can inspire many people with all her positive things.

4. Tasya Farasya

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

As for beauty products enthusiasts, who don't know this woman of Arab descent? That's right, Tasya Farasya. Her real name is Lulu Farassiya Teisa. She is one of the most influential beauty influencers , having a following on Instagram of 6 million followers.

Meanwhile, her TikTok followers are 3.1 million, and she has 4.2 million subscriberson YouTube. Wow, fantastic, right?

She oftenreviews various skincare, make-up, and fashionproducts on Instagram. Her cheerful and enthusiastic attitude makes her followers believe that whatever product shereviews-never disappoints.

Tasya also admitted that she was pretty selective in choosing products toendorsement. She wants to satisfy her followers with reviewsthat never let them down.

Tasya's popularity among women rises every year. Many local admit that they sell out immediately when shereviews their products. No wonder she often works with well-known beauty brands, such as Maybelline, Something, Wardah, and many more.

She has also been included in Forbes Indonesia magazine twice. First, she is one of Indonesia's most successful digital content creators. And the second one is in the 30 under 30 Forbes Indonesia.

5. Arief Muhammad

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

Arief Muhammad Yakoeb, also known as Arief Muhammad or Armuh. He is an influencers who focuses on entrepreneur who focuses on entrepreneurship. Some of his businesses include Bakso Aci Abang, which has 80 branches, Billionairs Project (fashion), Prepp Studio (fashion), and Rumah Padang Payakumbuah (culinary).

He also collaborated with Elf Bar Vape(a one-time-use vape).

Arief is active on several social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Now, his followers on Instagram are 5.4 million followers. Twitter has 5 million, and YouTube has 3.8 million subscribers.

He is an influencers who initiates "ikoy-ikoyan" content. This content is Arief's charity event to share some of his wealth with his followers.

From this ikoy-ikoyan, he gained increasing fame, and this content has also inspired other influencers .

6. Dian Pelangi

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

Who doesn't know this fashion influencers who has brought Indonesia to the international stage? Yup, she is Dian Pelangi. She started her career as a a famous fashion designer , bringing her to prestigious fashion shows in various countries. Even Dian is said as an influential hijab influencers in the world.

Many people from different countries praised her Muslim clothing designs. Thanks to her interest and talent in fashion, she was awarded the Best Influencer Asia in fashion at the 2017 Influence Asia event.

She is active on his Instagram account and has a following of 5.1 million followers. Her posts are mostly about fashion , and fashion fashion shows she has participated in. Many of his followers are also inspired by her fashion designs.

Wow, so inspiring, right?

7. Jharna Bhagwani

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

As one of the influencers who is still relatively young, Jharna Bhagwani or Jharna is already very skilled at using makeup, whether simple or character.

Jharna stole the attention when she made a makeup video with the hashtag Lathi Challenge. The content also gains viewers as much as 2 million views and likesShe is also often active on social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

On TikTok, she has many followers reaching 11.3 million. While Instagram has 3.2 million followers, and YouTube has 447 thousand subscribers.

Many of her followers are inspired by her different character makeup. Are you one of them?

8. Magdalene

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

Magdalena Fridawati, or Magda, is a food vlogger food vlogger active on social media. As an influencers , Magda is consistently creating culinary content. Fromreviews ing food, mukbang, to making food challenge , especially spicy foods.

Many people also liked her content. No wonder her YouTube subscribers have reached 4.22 million. Magda is also famous for her jargon, "Bar-bar Kuy!"

She is now even more popular, and he has received endorsement from various food local . Magda's number of followers on Instagram has reached 2.4 million. Magda has also been nominated as the Most Favorite Culinary Content Creator at the 2021 Video Content Creator Awards.

Even now, she has succeeded in owning a business in culinary. Her business is called NYAMBAL and MANTAN (Makaroni Setan).

9. Lula Lafah

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

You must know this beautiful influencers . She is Lula Lahfah Pahlevi, commonly known as Lula Lahfah. Did you know that in 2013, she started her career as a singer and successfully released a single called "Pergi".

She also worked in acting and modeling. However, now she is more active as an influencers and receives various endorsement on social media. Lula is active on various social media, such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

On Instagram, Lula has 2.2 million followers; on Youtube, she has 310 thousand subscribers and 445 thousand followers on TikTok.

Many netizens admire Lula's a style , making her an influencers in fashion. Despite that, she is also active in sharing her daily activities, such as traveling to various islands or countries.

10. Sisca Kohl

Indonesia's 10 most popular influencers! Do you know them?

In 2018, netizens were excited about Sisca Kohl's active role as a digital content creators. Her content was unique and successfully gained the enthusiasm of netizens.

Sisca and her sister Aliyyah often posted mixed food content, such as Padang rice turned into ice cream, pempek turned into ice cream, selling fried rice for 400 million to her sister, and many other unique contents.

She is also called an influencers because she often receives endorsement andreviews food products. Various product brands have also admitted to gaining a lot of profit after collaborating with Sisca. She is active on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

However, she is most active and has many followers on TikTok. She has 13.6 million followers on TikTok, 2.1 million followers on Instagram, and 2.98 million subscribers.

Let's check out Sisca's content on social media!

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