50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh?

Birthday Greetings for Girl Friends – Are you often confused about what to say to your friends on birthdays? Especially for your girl friends. Don't worry, it's normal. Usually, birthday greetings are filled with prayers and wishes. Even though it's short, a birthday greeting can be meaningful.

Therefore, give birthday wishes even if you still wonder how to say them. Deliver unique and beautiful greetings so your girl or best friend will be happy on their special day.

You don't need to think too hard because Whiz will provide examples of unique birthday wishes for girl friends. Check it out so that your friend will be happy!

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50 Birthday Wishes for a Girl Friend

The following birthday greetings will be divided into several categories, from funny to unique. Check them out!

Short Birthday Wishings

50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh

1. Happy birthday! Let's light a candle and pray for a moment for you, my friend

2. Happy birthday, my dear friend. May God always give you happiness and health. I hope we can be good friends forever. Amen

3. Happy birthday! I hope you become a better person this year. Amen.

4. Happy birthday! Best wishes to you, yes, friend!

5. Happy birthday, yes! All the best for you

6. Happy birthday! I hope you can buy everything wishlist on your e-commerce. Amen!

7. Happy birthday, beautiful! May you glowing inside and out!

8. Happy birthday, yes, may love and blessings always be with you!

9. Happy birthday, friend!

Happy birthday to my most talkative, fussy shopping buddy, confidant, and friend who is willing to accompany me anywhere. Thank you for always being patient even though we're like Tom and Jerry. Long life, happiness, and always be healthy! I Wish you all the best!

Funny Birthday Greetings

50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh

These greetings are usually given to girl friends close to you.

Guess what goes up but never comes down? Your age! Happy birthday, sist!

2. Eat mud cake in the morning with Aditya. Happy birthday, stay healthy and successful always, ya!

3. Buying rice noodles at the market, bought by a person from Bengkulu. Happy birthday! Always be healthy and happy!

4.Happy birthday, friend! May your fortune increase so you can buy nice things I can borrow later!

5. Happy birthday to my most beautiful friend! May you become more attractive, even though, unfortunately, you can never surpass my beauty, hehe!

6. Happy birthday, friend! The requirement to receive my prayers and wishes is to treat me with delicious food! (Joking)

7.Don't you get bored with your birthday being the same day every year? But it's okay. Happy birthday! Hehe

8. Didn't you already have a birthday last year? Why are you having a birthday again? Happy birthday, then.

9. Please don't open this message! If you have already opened it, it means you are obliged to treat me. Happy birthday, yay! I got a treat!

10. I was swamped today, stuck in traffic, scolded by my boss, my motorcycle broke down, and I got rained on. But I still remember your birthday. Happy birthday, friend!

11. With the bursting of this rotten egg, I hope all the rottenness in your heart can burst too, hehehe... Happy birthday, my friend!

12. Happy birthday. My hope is simple, may you have another birthday tomorrow so that I can eat for free! Hehe...

13. Early in the morning, stalking Luna Maya, suddenly wanting to buy sausages. Hey, you who are happy, happy birthday, Sister!

14. Thank you, social media. Thanks to you, I remember my friend's birthday. Happy birthday, sis! Sister!

15. Happy birthday, beautiful. This compliment expects a reward so that you can treat me to skincare.

Meaningful Birthday Greetings

50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh

Usually, these greetings are used when you and your friend are clingy to each other.

1. Happy birthday! Thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship. May good things always come to you. Accept my sincere wishes wrapped in love.

2. Happy birthday, friend! Your happiness is my happiness, and your sadness is mine too. On this special day, I hope our friendship grows stronger, surrounded by good people, protected by God, and always happy, healthy, and prosperous in achieving your goals.

3. happy birthday! May this year be sweeter than this cake. May you always be happy, just like your role in my life always creates happiness.

4. Your birthday will pass quickly. So make every second count, my great woman, after my mother! Happy birthday!

5. Age indicates a person's maturity. Happy birthday! May God give you wisdom, maturity, happiness, and health.

6. Happy birthday! Never stop dreaming, even if your dreams have all come true!

7. Thank you for always being by my side. Happy birthday, friend!

8. On your birthday, the world has a room you can fill for one year, use it, friend! Happy birthday!

9. A special friend like you deserves the best blessings this year. Happy birthday, and may all your wishes come true soon!

10. Remember that age is not just a number but also a struggle in life. Happy birthday!

11. On your birthday, may you always be enriched with love, light, and hope for a prosperous year. Happy birthday!

Prayerful Greetings

50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh

1. Barakallah fii umrik! May you be more helpful to others and always be protected by Allah SWT, amen!

2. Happy birthday! May you be blessed with abundance, a successful career, diligent worship, fulfilled hopes, and smooth sustenance!

3. Happy birthday! May you always be safe from danger!

4. No word is more beautiful than the prayer I offer for you, friend! May your heart be purer, your mind wider, your intelligence sharper, and your morality wiser. Happy birthday!

Greetings in Various Languages

50 Birthday Greetings for a Girlfriend, Anything, huh

If you get bored with the same language, here are some unique birthday greetings from various countries!

1. Tanti auguri, una mia amica! (Happy birthday, my girlfriend!) - Italian

2. Bon anniversary mon ami! (Happy birthday, my friend!) - French

3. Saeng-il chughahaeyo! (Happy birthday!) - Korean

4. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Mein bester Freund! (Happy birthday, my best friend!) - German

5. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, mi novia! (Happy birthday, my girlfriend!) - Spanish

6. Fijne verjaardag! (Happy birthday!) - Dutch

7. Selamat Hari Lahir! (Happy birthday!) - Malay

8. S dnem rozhdeniya! (Happy birthday!) - Russian

9. Feliz aniversario meu melhor amigo! (Happy birthday, my best friend!) – Portuguese

10. Doğum günün kutlu olsun en iyi arkadaşım! (Happy birthday, my best friend!) – Turkish

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Interesting, right? Let's use the above phrases for your female friend's birthday! Besides asking for a treat, remember to give a gift too!

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