7 Examples of Simple Living, The Key to a Happier Life

Simple Living - A happy life is certainly everyone's dream. However, our path is also different according to our principles and personality. What about your life choices, Whizmates? Have you decided yet?

Making choices in life may be difficult for you because we rarely get everything that matches our expectations. Believe it or not, some people actually prefer to live.

Yes, some people think that it is only sometimes the luxurious life, lots of wealth, or abundant money that can make them happy. Well, this is where you can choose the way of life you want, whether living simply, sufficiently, or excessively.

So, you do not need to be worried again when you don't have abundant wealth because you can still have different ways to be happy.

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What Is Simple Living?

Living a simple life may sound easy, but you also need time, consistency, and learning a lot to improve your lifestyle habits! According to Gramedia.com, a simple life means a lifestyle one does that is without excess and as needed.

You do not need to over-complicate certain concepts when choosing a simple or minimalist lifestyle. You can also use your energy and time to be more focused on thinking about important things. Therefore, people nowadays prefer living a simple life.

Now, this is what makes your social relations with those around you better. Because you are more grateful for your situation, know yourself better, and find the true meaning of happiness for yourself.

Examples of Simple Living

Taken from zenhabits.net, there are at least 7 examples of simple living that you can do, dear Whizmates!

1. Find Happiness In Simple Things

The first example of simple living is finding happiness in simple things. You can start pursuing your hobby, having spending quality time with your family, meditating, listening to music, writing, drawing, cooking simple meals, and so on.

You do not even have to spend certain items or money! Just do simple things that can make you happy. When you start getting used to doing simple things, your life will also feel simpler and more joyful.

2. Have a Purpose in Life

It would help if you had clear goals or what you want to do in life. You may have felt the rush of wanting something that isn't important. For example, your friend has the latest car, and you feel like you need it too. 

Remember, you can create your own life goals. Be different and be your unique version. That is what will keep you living a simple life, not a life that always follows trends or other people's words.

3. Avoid Any Hassle

By avoiding complexities, you will be able to live a simple life. Why is that? Because if you are bound to do many things simultaneously, your life becomes complicated. For example, if you are doing a lot of activities while sending a lot of texts to everyone, you will not focus on more important things.

4. Make a Priority Scale

Still related to the previous example of simple living, your life will be more effective and efficient if everything is carefully planned! You can start by making a priority scale.

The priority scale here also means that you must determine which needs and desires are the most important to the least important in your life.

5. Focus on Yourself

Also, sometimes we feel bad about ourselves when we see the achievements or hear certain words of others. However, you have the right to live according to your choice, dear Whizmates!

Therefore, you will not feel burdened to do it. Focusing on yourself does not mean that you are being selfish, but to be wiser in considering yourself when making decisions like if it is in accordance with your principles or not.

6. Enjoy Life

So, remember, always try to enjoy your life, dear Whizmates! A busy daily life, distraction, and work can sometimes make you forget to enjoy life.

By enjoying real life right now, you will be more grateful and able to live a simple life.

7. Create Your Own Struggles

We are the ones who can create our own fights with what we have in our minds. Why is that? This is because we know ourselves the best. When you let go of your ego, you can relax and live a simpler life.

The Positive Impact of Choosing Simple Living

You know what, Whizmates? Applying a spartan lifestyle will bring many benefits, of course! You will have a calmer, wiser, less wasteful, and happier life, and you can also increase your gratitude for what you have.

With this simplicity, you can prioritize saving more and have better financial management. It may sound impossible, but that doesn't mean you can not to try it!

The importance of financial literacy in managing the money you have can make it easier for your finances! So, for those of you who still don't understand or know about managing your own finances, let's download the app called Whiz and you can manage your finances efficiently!

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This is the explanation of the meaning of simple living, the examples, and the benefits you can have when you get used to a simple lifestyle. Good luck, Whizmates!