how to arrange 2 million salary

7 Ways to Manage 2 Million Rupiahs Salary

How to Set 2 Million Salary – It is important for you to know how to manage the 2 million salary. This is done so that you are not wasteful. So, even though the salary is mediocre, you can still make the most of it.

At this time, maybe most people think a salary of 2 million is quite enough or even small. But, if you can manage it well, your financial cycle is guaranteed to be well organized too. In fact, expenses are no longer greater than income. 

Thus, Whizmate can also allocate money other than for basic needs. So, you can get quite a lot of benefits from managing or managing money.

For that, Whiz will provide 7 effective ways to manage the 2 million salary. Immediately, let's see the following discussion!

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7 Ways to Manage 2 Million Rupiahs Salary

1. Determine Financial Priorities

set financial priorities

After getting a salary, Whizmate needs to determine the financial priority scale. Why? Because you have to be able to decide which things are really needed and must be purchased with items that can still be postponed.

Of course, basic needs are the main things that must be met. After that, you are welcome to place other secondary needs.

2. Cut Unnecessary Expenditures!

Oftentimes something unimportant goes into the monthly budget. For that, you should try to cut back and pay attention to the allocation of your money. 

For example, you stop to subscribe to TV that you rarely watch. Later, you can allocate these funds for more important things.

So, cutting expenses is important, yes! You can also combine this second method with the methods previously discussed. Because cutting non-essential expenses is a sign that you have determined your financial priorities.

3. Don't Forget to Save!

2 million salary

This method is one of the most effective methods to implement. Therefore, your financial management can be more optimal. 

By setting aside money regularly, you will be able to feel the benefits. For example, the availability of funds for the future and emergency funds for unexpected conditions. 

4. Pay Bills On Time

Don't be late to pay your bills, OK! Why? Because if you are late, you have to pay a penalty fee with an amount that is more than it should be.

That way, each bill is better paid as soon as you get paid. Moreover, the all-digital era will also make it easier for you to pay bills quickly (via email). on line). So, don't delay paying bills again, okay?

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5. Allocate Salary Correctly

salary setting

There are still many people who allocate their salaries unbalanced. That is, sometimes the distribution of money for needs is still one-sided. 

For example, you have allocated money to fulfill various desires. However, the allocation for saving your portion is very small compared to the cost of fulfilling a wish.

Well, that actually shouldn't happen because it can cause your salary money to run out quickly for nothing. So, let's slowly try to allocate salary money appropriately!

6. Use the 50/30/20 . Rule

Well, this one method is still related to the previous one, you know. If you really find it difficult to allocate salary money, you can try the 50/30/20 rule. What does it mean?

For example, you set aside 50% for basic needs, 30% for saving, and 20% to fulfill your desires. 

However, it is not something standard. Because, you can still adjust it to your own needs.

Don't forget to also set aside money for bills that must be paid. That way, you are calmer to use the remaining money that has been reduced by billing costs.

7. Recording Expenses Through Financial Applications

2 million salary

This last method is no less important, you know! Because, managing finances can be done by recording expenses. So, you know your money has been used for anything. 

Interestingly, now you no longer need to record expenses manually. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, you can record it via money management apps. One of which is Whiz

What's more, there are interesting features that further help you in the process of recording your finances. Like, pocket feature or pocket who will control your finances in order to achieve the target.

So, you don't have to worry about miscalculations or notes that are scattered so that they are not easy to read.

The last way, namely financial recording through an application, is quite important, you know! So, it could be something that you should consider applying. 

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How? Practical, right? Of these 7 methods, you can choose whichever method is appropriate and possible to apply.