Let's Take Notes! 7 Safest Places to Keep Money at Home

The Safest Place to Keep Money at Home – Some financial partners may indeed be one of the safest places to save money. But, make no mistake! In this modern era, there are still people who don't want to keep their money there. The reasons also vary, away from home, usury, subject to monthly fee cuts, and others.

In the end, they thought of a place to keep it at home. This is because they still prioritize security as well as convenience and practicality to be taken when needed. But, not entirely home is the safest place, yes!

Even at home, you have to be careful. You can't just put it away, okay? This is because if there is a loss, it will completely fall on you.

For that, here are places you can rely on to save money at home. Come on, take a good look. Don't miss it!

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7 Safest Places to Keep Money at Home

1. Inside the Safe

Let's Take Notes! 7 Safest Places to Keep Money at Home

Quoted from Kompas.com, Nazym Otie Kusnadi as an old money collector said that the money should be stored in a dry place. He also suggested that money should be stored in a safe.

Usually, safes are made of sturdy steel, have anti-theft features, and are fire-resistant so their safety is guaranteed. The safe uses a dual-control biomedical security system which can provide maximum protection of valuables.

With the material made of steel, the risk of losing it is very low. For those of you who have a safe at home, keep the safe under the bed, warehouse, or other safe place away from the eyes of strangers.

2. Desk Drawer Or Closet Drawer

Let's Take Notes! 7 Safest Places to Keep Money at Home

Storing money in a drawer, either a desk drawer or a cupboard, is a safe place to store money at home. Why is the drawer a safe place? This is because many drawers that have been designed have locks. So, don't forget to lock your drawer if you keep money in it.

As we already know that the desk drawer or cupboard is certainly made of wood and has a large shape. Desk drawers and cupboards are also items that are rarely moved. Well, the benefits can also minimize you forgetting to save money. It's different if you store it on a pillow or mattress.

But, don't assume it's safe and won't be at risk of loss, OK! The key is how you save the money. Whizmin suggests keeping money in drawers away from the reach of strangers, such as guests or others.

Why so? Yes, because if you store it in a strategic place, the potential for loss can be higher even if your drawer is locked.

3. Under the Mattress Or Pillow

Let's Take Notes! 7 Safest Places to Keep Money at Home

Under the mattress or pillow is also a safe place to save money. It's definitely safe because it's in your room. Room is your personal space. So, the room can be locked when you leave it. Meanwhile, at night you keep it by sleeping with him.

It can be guaranteed that no one is free to enter your room.

Apart from being safe, there are other advantages. You can immediately use your money whenever there is a sudden need. You don't have to bother and go far to find an ATM to withdraw money. You just need to go to your room, lift your mattress or pillow.

The drawback may be that it is squeezed too often, your money can be a little limp.

4. In a Pile of Clothes

This method seems to be quite popular among the people. Especially the ancient people. Although it is easy to guess, but for people who want to take it may be a bit difficult. It's difficult because we don't know how many people put it in the pile and on which side.

For those who want to steal it must take a long time to find it. Not to mention if the clothes fall off. It's not a financial partner or anything else. However, Whizmin's level of security doesn't need to be doubted, right?

5. Between Piles of Books

This method is more or less the same as putting it in a pile of clothes. It's just that the difference is that there are more places in the pile of books, so people who want to commit crimes are already lazy.

Finding money in a pile of books is quite difficult indeed. One of them, takes a long time, criminals can get dizzy from too many books, and not to mention if the books fall.

So don't worry if you think it's very insecure. Can be safe also depends on us as the owner of the money is not careless.

6. Inside the Unexpected Thing

Storing money in unthinkable things can happen. These objects can mean inside dolls with holes, shoe boxes, photo frames, cake jars, or under the sofa.

Storing money in unexpected places can also minimize crime. Thieves will also not think we will save money in that place. So, there is also an advantage if we save money in that place.

However, always be careful, okay?

7. Don't Put All Your Money In Just One Place

Don't put your money in the same place. This is because the risk will be higher than you saving money in several places.

For example, you have Rp 12 million in cash. You can store them in the six most secure points of your home. So, suppose something bad happens to you, you still keep it in some places.

In addition, you can try to save money in financial applications. Currently, there are many financial applications that have complete and attractive features. One of which is the Whiz financial application.. By using the Whiz financial application., you can alsotrack your financial condition as well as hone your financial literacy as well.

That way, management of your finances can be better so that your financial condition is also guaranteed.

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Those are some places to keep money safe at home. Which one do you want to try? Whizmin suggest trying all of them and one of them is involved the Whiz financial application. to save your money. Guaranteed safe, okay!