how to save on clothes shopping

7 Ways to Save on Clothes Shopping, No Worries!

How to Save on Clothes Shopping – Season's greetings guys! With the end of 2021, of course, we have a tendency to buy clothes from the latest season. To welcome the new year of course we want to have a look fresh EARNING outfits, to be more enthusiastic about reaching our latest resolutions in 2022.

Today, Whiz wants to share 7 Ways to Save on Clothes Shopping, Come on Cekidot!

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How to save on clothes shopping

Write a Shopping List

The first way to save on clothes shopping is to write a shopping list. This is intended for those of you who like bablas in a snack of new clothes. By writing down what kind of clothes you need, you can avoid cute clothes that you 'want' to buy. Do you want to prioritize your new needs and desires.

You can also use this financial application to determine what clothes you will buy. This is done so that your expenses are more measurable.

Shopping when High Seasons

Christmas? New Year? Chinese New Year? Or Eid? Yesss!!! This is your time to hunt for new clothes. Why? Because at times like this, your favorite clothes shops 'slash prices'. Clothes that are usually priced at IDR 100,000 can be discounted up to half you know! So, you understand why it's better to buy clothes when high season? But remember, don't let you bablas yes hehehe.

Use Method Mix & Match

Sometimes we forget that we have ever had a dress because we think it never fits outfits, our daily life. Well, it's a good idea before you buy your clothes to check again for the clothes that you rarely wear. This can be your reference for buying clothes or pants with certain colors to match them. Great old clothes but new style!

Last Season's Trend? No need to worry!

Consider buying trend outfits, last season. Apart from not being too out of date, you can also save a lot more money. This is because the selling price outfits, the previous season at your favorite clothing store would have been cheaper than the latest season. In addition, usually your favorite clothing stores will also provide discounts for outfits, last season you know!

Compare One Store to Another

If we already have a goal, we definitely want to buy outfits, what, make sure we don't stick to one type local or brand. This is so that we can see a outfits, more objectively. We can compare brands or local one brand with another depending on which brand gives more discounts hehehe. This is necessary and important to do to save our expenses.

Consider Thrifting

For those of you who want to save your money 50-70% to buy a shirt or outfits, certain, maybe you should consider doing Thrifting. Then what is Thrifting? Thrifting is a trend of buying used clothes in good condition and almost like new. In addition, when Thrifting you also have the possibility to get certain brands at lower prices.

If you don't like used products, you can also try buying clothes at the Factory Outlet (FO). Factory Outlet is a clothing store branded with well-known brands but at low prices. Why is the price cheaper? This is because FO usually sells clothes that do not pass the Quality Check from these well-known brands. However, they are usually very wearable and even tend to be the same or similar to new clothes.

how to save on clothes shopping

Record Expenses!

Well, after choosing clothes, don't forget to record every expense you make. This aims to find out how much you spend so that you have a neat and measurable record of expenses.

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To make budget you guys keep it well planned, you can use Finance Apps like Whiz you know! In addition to managing expenses and income, Whiz can also be a more effective payment application than using e-mail cash during this pandemic.