8 Family Functions You Must Understand!

8 Family Functions - Every individual is born from a family. Family is the first place for a human being to be helped, helped, and socialized. The first environment that an individual enters is the family. 

Not only that, quoted from DPPKBPMD Bantul, the family is the main entity of an individual. It is from the family that an individual forms his habits before he plunges into the wider community. Therefore, the family plays an important role in the formation of one's character.

The National Population and Family Planning Board defines the function of the family. This paper summarizes all the functions of the family that are published in DPPKBPMD Bantul. According to the BKKBN, there are 8 family functions. Anything? Come on, take a look!

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8 Family Functions

8 family functions

Religion Function

Children get their first knowledge from the family. Therefore, children also get religious identity and knowledge from their families. In addition to reducing religious identity, the procedure for worship was also obtained by a child for the first time from his family. After all, the family is the one who spends the most time with the child. So, strong religious values in children are of course formed from the family. 

Affection Function

The family is the first place an individual is born. It is the family that raises the individual and is in every process of his life development. In these processes, there is love given. Family affection is the initial journey of the conscience of the individual before spreading other affections in social life. 

Protection Function

As an individual's first environment, the family should be a comfortable and safe place. Therefore, there is a protective function in the family. When a person feels a threat or fear from his social environment, the family is the most sought-after refuge. With a family, no matter what the situation, safe protection will still be felt.

Socio-Cultural Function

As a place of character formation, the family plays an important role in the education of norms and culture. It is from the family that knowledge of the norms of an individual is obtained. This is because the family lives sheltered in the wider social environment of the community. Socialization must be accompanied by the application of prevailing societal norms.

Families also live by inheriting and passing on culture. So, from the family, the ancestral culture that has been adopted can be passed down according to the time. It is from the family that a person's national and regional identity emerges. 

Reproductive Function

It is undeniable, from the existence of a family, reproduction occurs which also gives birth to new individuals, new characters and habits. This new individual will later have a family, reproduce, and give birth to other individuals. Therefore, it is in the family that knowledge of sex and respect for the opposite sex must be obtained and fully understood. 

Socialization and Education Function

As a social being, an individual must socialize to survive. The family is the first place for individuals to socialize. It is from family that one learns to socialize. Families also provide a variety of knowledge for individuals before plunging directly into social life. Thus, obtaining education is also an important function of the family. 

Economic Function

In having a family as well as socializing, of course there are transactions and financial systems that occur. The family is the strongest foundation in carrying out the economic process. Therefore, the family's financial condition must be in order so that family harmony always runs.

Both parents and children, must have good financial knowledge. Parents can provide financial knowledge to children in the form of practice with financial applications.

Environmental Development Function

Humans live side by side with nature. Therefore, human groups such as families must also provide guidance to individuals to cultivate and respect the surrounding environment. Families must instill a love for environmental components so that the earth and the ecosystem in which we live can be maintained.

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Those are the 8 family functions formulated by the BKKBN. Come on, understand and implement it so that family life can be lived well. Take care and love your family, yes!