8 Outfit Ideas for Tan Skin

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

Colors for Brown Skin – Do you agree that color is important when choosing outfits? Well, not only that but you also have to adjust to your skin tone. 

You must have noticed that your skin color changes, right? It could be because of the color selection outfits, that doesn't suit your skin tone. Moreover, if you have tan skin color. Even though someone with this skin looks stunning, you need to be careful in choosing colors outfits,, alright?

However, don't worry because Whizmin has the colors covered outfits, which is suitable for brown skin! Curious, right? Come on, read this article carefully!

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8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

1. Monochrome Outfit

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

For those of you who have brown skin tones, monochrome colors are perfect for choice outfit-your. Why is that? Because monochrome colors tend to be neutral, they are suitable for use by any skin tone, one of which is brown skin tone.

There are three colors to choose from, namely black, white and gray. You can use only one color, or you can use a more interesting one mixing and matching all three colors. By using outfits, monochrome, you will certainly be more confident because this color will not make your skin look dull.

In addition, monochrome colors are also easier to apply mixing and matching with a color other than monochrome for interest a style and fashion.

2. Shown in Mustard Yellow

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

Maybe those of you who have tan skin are not confident with bright colors. Eits! Don't get me wrong, you know, because this yellow mustard color turns out to be suitable for use by brown skin tones. In fact, this color makes you look more fresh and bright.

This mustard yellow color can also add a cheerful impression if you use it, you know. You can mixing and matching mustard yellow with white, yes, to make it more attractive and not monotonous.

If you are just trying to explore a style, maybe you feel less confident with outfits brightly colored. For that, mix and match with monochrome colors. For example, if you wear the hijab, you can use a mustard yellow outer, white underwear, and a black headscarf.

3. Burgundy also suits you!

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

Burgundy color is suitable for you who like red and purple. This color is certainly suitable for those of you who have brown skin tones. It's almost similar to maroon, but don't get me wrong, because burgundy has a thicker purple element.

Use a burgundy colored outfit when you come to important events because this color seems luxurious. You can use dresses or a shirt. Then, mixing and matching with beige and white colors, yes! Wow, that must be interesting!

4. Outfit with Beige Color

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

Actually, beige is also a neutral color, you know! You can make this color your mainstay if you have a brown skin tone. Beige is a mixed color between brown and gray. Because these colors are neutral, you can choose any color for the hijab and bottom.

If you want to be quieter, you can mixing and matching with pastel colors. However, if you want something simpler, you can just use black or white.

5. Try Appearing in Soft Pink

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

For some people who have brown skin, do not like to use outfits, pink. The reason is because it looks dull. However, if you are careful in mixing and matching with other colors, it won't look dull, really!

The outfit This is perfect for you to mix and match with maroon or white. Then, if you wear the hijab, you can use a black headscarf. Try it, you will look more feminine with outfits, soft pink!

6. Look Elegant with Magenta

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

If you use magenta, you will look even more charming. In contrast to burgundy, this magenta color has less purple elements so that the magenta color is lighter than burgundy. There are a lot of them fashion which you can use with this magenta color, you know.

For example, you combine magenta with jeans accompanied by white sneakers, or model shoes loafers. Apart from that, you can also combine this color with black culottes that will make you look you have an impression chic.

7. Also try with Royal Blue Color

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

If you like blue and have brown skin, you can use this royal blue or deep brown color. This color is included as a light blue color. As the name suggests, this color gives a luxurious impression when you use it.

This color suits you as outer which is matched with white undergarments. Come on, try it!

8. Look Fresh with Lime Green

8 Outfit Ideas with Colors for Tan Skin

Identical with freshness and serenity, this lime green is perfect for those of you who have brown skin. The color is like the color of a lime peel, but has a hint of yellowness. This color is also suitable to be combined with pastel colors, really!

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