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Take Care of Your Finances and Privacy: Beware of Scam Modes

Beware of Fraud Mode – Whizmates, In a world that is increasingly digitally connected as it is now, we need to be careful of fraudulent modes that can threaten our finances and privacy. 

In this all-digital era, the mode of fraud is also growing and attacking massively. You must not want to be a victim, right? Therefore, let's learn about several modes of fraud that often occur and how to avoid them.

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1. Frequent Fraud Modes

a. Fraud when Shopping Online

Online shopping is indeed convenient, but we need to be extra vigilant. Scams in this mode often involve offering products or services at prices that are too low to be true. 

Online shopping fraud mode often occurs through social media, you may be offered goods at very low prices, but in the end, your goods are not sent and your money is lost because the perpetrator has changed. username or the telephone number cannot be contacted.

Therefore, make sure to shop only on trusted sites and avoid suspicious links. Also make sure to always check testimonials via the comments column on social media, OK!

b. Fraud Requesting OTP (One-Time Password) and PIN

Fraud Alert

Fraudsters often try to obtain our personal information, including One-Time Password (OTP). They can contact you via SMS or fake phone calls, claiming that you need to provide an OTP for some reason. Always remember Whizmates, OTP and PIN are personal secrets that should never be shared with anyone, even if they threaten or lure something.

c. Scam by Downloading .apk File Format

Fraud Alert

This type of fraud is on the rise. You should be careful of links or .apk format files sent via WhatsApp messages. The fraudster will act on behalf of the courier, the police, the bank, send invitations, and so on. They will ask you to click on the file and an application will automatically be downloaded on your cellphone.

Fraudsters may hide malware or viruses in these files to steal personal information or damage your device. Therefore, Before downloading or installing something, make sure it is from a valid source and do not just click on links sent by unknown people.

d. Fraud in the Name of Whiz

Whiz will never ask for personal information such as passwords or PINs via text message, email or phone call. If you receive anything of the sort claiming to be from a Whiz, report it immediately and ignore it. Always visit the official Whiz website for reliable information.

If you experience fraud by Whiz. You can contact Whiz's email [email protected] or Whiz's social media by explaining the chronology of events along with attachments of evidence such as:

a, The phone number or account of the fraudster
b. Fraudulent websites/social media/advertising
c. Proof of transaction
d. Evidence of conversation/chat with fraudsters
e. Proof of reporting to the police (optional)

Important to remember: Reporting fraud doesn't always mean the money will be returned. Therefore, always be careful when dealing with online sellers or unknown parties. At this time, we are unable to refund money in cases of fraudulent promises of prizes, fraud in trade transactions, or if you provide your OTP/PIN/Login Link code to other parties claiming to be Whiz.

2. Pay Attention to the Following to Avoid Fraudulent Modes

Fraud Alert

1. Sender Identity Verification: When receiving a suspicious message or call, be sure to verify the identity of the sender before providing personal information.

2. Do not rush: Fraudsters often try to make us panic or rush things. Always take time to think before taking action.

3. Use Reliable Sources: Make sure you only download apps or files from legitimate and trusted sources.

4. Don't just transfer: Before making a money transfer, make sure you know exactly who the money will be sent to. Verify information with legitimate sources.

5. Report Suspicious Activity: If you detect suspicious activity, immediately report it to the relevant authorities or services.

Remember, your financial safety and privacy are very valuable. By remaining alert and following the preventative steps above, you can protect yourself from the threat of fraud. Don't let yourself become a victim! (Alprazolam)

Stay alert, and stay safe Whizmates!

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