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Pocket Money Features on Whiz Money Management App

Pocket Money Features on Whiz Money Management App - Hi, Dear parents! Are you currently worried about giving pocket money to your child? No need to worry, it turns out that giving trust to children regarding their pocket money has many benefits, you know.

ACT Government In his article, he stated that giving pocket money to children can be a place for parents to teach financial management from an early age. Not only that, giving pocket money to children can also make them feel like an important part of the family. That way, the relationship in the family can be even closer.

Well, the Whiz financial app can help parents in regulating the provision of pocket money for children. Pocket Money Features Whiz comes with features reminder or notifications that make it easier for parents to provide pocket money on a regular basis. So, parents can automatically set the time of giving pocket money, for example once a week, once a month, or once every 3 months.

So, how do you use the Whiz pocket money feature? Check out the explanation below, come on!

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Features of Giving Whiz . Pocket Money

1. Open the Whiz App and Click the Pocket Money Menu on Home

Open Whiz Aplikasi App parents, then select menu Pocket money which is at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click Menu Set Pocket Money Reminder

rocket pocket pocket money features

Then, a display like the image below will appear. Select menu Set Pocket Money Reminder.

3. Fill in the required information

The next step, parents please fill in Pocket Money Title, Pocket Money Amount, Reminder Settings to schedule allowances, Repeat Period if parents want to give pocket money regularly, and select the account you want parents give pocket money.

3. Click Manage Pocket Money

After all the information to manage the provision of pocket money is met, select the menu Set Pocket Money. Tada! reminder pocket money was successfully made and will be given according to the arrangement parents.

What is the range of allowances that should be given to children?

For consideration, quoting from the site cermati.com – the following is a list of the average allowances given by education level: 

  • SD > 35 – 70k/week (school), 70 – 140k (school + tutoring)
  • Junior High School > 175 – 225k/week 
  • SMA > 225 – 300k/week
  • Tuition > 350 – 560k/week

There she is parents, how to use the pocket money feature to make it easier to give pocket money to children. Simple once, right? With Whiz Finance App, Family finances become more structured and neatly recorded. How? Interested in using the Whiz Finance App?

Come on, Download the Whiz Finance Application!