Whiz Pouch Automatic Transfer

Automatic Transfer Whiz: Making Saving Easier and More Convenient

Whiz Jars Automatic Transfer – Whizmates, have you ever forgotten to fill your savings pocket and ended up missing the target savings time? Well, now you don't have to worry about forgetting to fill your dream pocket. Whiz has an automatic transfer feature that will make it easier for you to reach your pocket target practically without the fear of missing it.

Automatic transfers to Whiz Pockets are a smart solution to simplify your day-to-day financial management. With this feature, you can set up and automate routine transfers directly from your Whiz main wallet to your Pocket, without having to manually do it every month. And hey, it's not just your own target pocket, you can also set up automatic transfers to Group Pockets.

Let's find out how to set up automatic transfers to your Whiz pocket!

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How to Set Up Automatic Transfer to a Whiz Pocket

1. Open the Whiz app and click the 'Automated Transfer' icon.

On the homepage menu, select the 'Automated Transfer' icon.

2. Choose Transfer Type, Select 'Transfer to Pocket'

Then the transfer options will appear, select 'Transfer to Pocket' to set up automatic transfers to your Whiz Pockets.

3. Select Your Own Pocket

whiz bag automatic transfer

Then select the bag that you want to set up automatic transfer, you can choose the type of bag, either Self-Target Pocket or Shared Pocket.

4. Choose Deduction Method

You will be presented with different deduction methods to choose from. There are three methods: fixed amount per period, percentage of incoming money, and rounding transactions to the nearest amount.

To help you choose, here's an explanation of the three deduction methods:

5. Deduction Method: Fixed Amount per Period

whiz bag automatic transfer

If you choose a fixed amount per period, you will be asked to enter the transfer amount and set up the automatic transfer schedule. 

Set up the automatic transfer schedule by selecting the schedule and transfer time. After that, you will be asked to fill in the Period and Repetition Duration. You can choose to make transfers every day, every week, every month, or set a custom period. 

Then Click 'Continue'.

6. Deduction Method: Percentage of Incoming Money

If you choose a percentage of incoming money, you will be asked to enter the percentage that will be transferred to your pocket from the transactions that come into your Whiz account.

For example, if you set the percentage to 15%, the money that enters your wallet will automatically be deducted and sent to your Whiz Pocket.

If you have filled in the percentage, then click 'Continue'.

7. Deduction Method: Rounding Transactions to the Nearest Amount

If you choose the rounding method, you will be asked to enter the rounding amount. 

For example, if you choose rounding to the nearest Rp5,000, and you make a transaction of Rp27,000, you will be asked to make a total payment Rp30,000 with Rp27,000 for the transaction you made and Rp3,000 to be added to your Whiz Pocket. You will also receive the details in your transaction receipt.

If you have filled in the nominal rounding, then click 'Continue'.

8. On Transfer Details, Click 'Continue'

whiz bag automatic transfer

After selecting the deduction method, the transfer details will appear. Double-check the amount and payment time. Then click 'Continue'. Yeay! The automatic transfer has been successfully set up.

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So, that's how you set up automatic transfers to your Whiz Pockets. One of the main advantages of automatic transfers to Whiz Pockets is the ease of setting up and adjusting the schedule and deduction method. 

You can easily determine the payment dates and frequencies according to your needs. You can also choose when the transfers are made, whether every month, week, or maybe every two weeks, all can be customized to your preferences.

With this feature, you can have better control over your finances, making them more organized and structured.

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