Chinese saving trick

Easy! Here, 7 Chinese-style Saving Tricks

Chinese Savings Tricks – The Chinese are often associated with their ability to save. Because they are known to be good at saving money and have a high saving power. In fact, this assumption is also felt by people in Indonesia. Thus, various Chinese-style saving tricks emerged.

As evidence, the Chinese government does not run a budget deficit. Instead, they have a large budget surplus.

We, as Indonesians, can also imitate their financial tricks. As the saying goes, whenever there is a will, there must be a way! In particular, we can learn how to save in Chinese culture.

What are the Chinese-style saving tricks like? Come on, take a look at the explanation below!

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7 Chinese Savings Tricks

how to save like the chinese

1. Skilled in Bargaining

Well, this first point seems familiar to our ears. Because, Chinese culture is known to be good at bargaining prices.

Usually, they will keep bidding until they get the price they want. In traditional markets, you will definitely meet Chinese people who bid on the price of goods to a minimum.

But, your negotiation process must also have a basis, yes! You are expected to know the market price for the item you are bidding on. So, at least you can deny it if the seller rejects your offer.

2. Always Monitor Promos and Discounts

Usually, when they want to shop for necessities, Chinese people will tend to pay attention to promos and discounts. They will not miss the moment.

That way, they will save expenses so they can save or buy other necessities.

3. Teaching Children about Financial Literacy

Chinese saving trick

When children are old enough and understand money, this is the time for parents to teach them about financial literacy. Chinese culture requires this so that children can better understand and make the best use of money. 

For starters, you just need to start from simple things. Like turning off the lights and television if you don't use them. Because, both of these items require electricity costs. 

Then, don't forget to also explain that money can only be earned through hard work. Next, teach them to set aside the money they have for sudden things to future plans.

4. Have Other Sources of Income

In Chinese culture, people often don't have only one job. However, they usually look for side jobs to increase their income. 

Especially during the COVID-19 transition period, which makes many things uncertain. Luckily, now there are various jobs that can be done online online. So, you don't have to leave the house to work.

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5. Apply Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The next principle of Chinese Culture is to apply the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, recycle. Because, before throwing away an item, they always consider whether it can still be reused or not.

For example, used glass jars can be reused as a place for salt or other seasonings. By recycling or reusing used goods, they will save money to buy other necessities.

6. Cooking at Home

Cooking at home can also be a trick to save money, you know! In addition, you can get other benefits, such as eating fresher and healthier food because it is guaranteed to be clean.

It looks simple, but cooking at home has a big contribution to your health and finances. Come on, try it!

7. Adopting a Thrifty Lifestyle

This last point is no less important, you know! Chinese culture has always instilled the principle of frugality. So, if they have more money, they don't necessarily buy luxury goods. 

They also consider the benefits of the goods to be purchased. Then, they also often compare the prices of goods. 

That way, they will buy cheaper items and use the remaining money to save.

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Now. That's 7 Chinese-style saving tricks. Every point looks simple, huh. But, unexpectedly, these things will actually make us a person who can set aside money for savings. 

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