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Let's Take a Peek at the Cost of Living in Japan!

Cost of Living in Japan – Today, millennials often yearn to live abroad. There are various countries to choose from. One of them is Japan. The country of Sakura is still an attraction to try their luck.

Although it looks good, in fact living abroad also requires more effort. Adaptation of culture and language are two things that are felt at least for the newcomers. However, all will pay off with a higher working income than in Indonesia. 

Unfortunately, this high income is not comparable to the cost of living in Japan, which is around 550 thousand yen or equivalent to 64.5 million per month for those who are married and for those who are not married it costs 41 million per month. 

For that, you are required to do various ways to manage the cost of living in Japan. The goal is that you can survive to live there.

Then, roughly how much is the breakdown of the cost of living in Japan? For more details, let's look at the details of the cost of living in Japan according to Januar Bayu Saputra, an Indonesian citizen who is currently in Saitama Japan for the following elderly nursing school!

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Cost of Living in Japan

1. Food Costs

For one meal in Japan, you need about 1000 yen or the equivalent of 129 thousand rupiah. In fact, the nominal can still be more. It depends on where to eat and the side dishes you choose – fast food or buy them at a restaurant. Wow, that's quite expensive!

Of course, this is very different from Indonesia, which only spends 20 thousand rupiah for one meal.

2. Housing Fees

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In addition to the cost of food, the cost of housing is no less expensive. In fact, the cheapest is priced at around 50 thousand yen or about 5 million rupiah. 

However, this price cannot be used as a general benchmark because it still depends on several factors. One of them is the location between residence and public transportation. The closer to public transportation, the more expensive the price of housing will be.

Uniquely, the price of renting a place to live in Japan is also calculated according to the number of people who occupy it. For example, in one house there are two people, the rental price of the house will double as well.

This is quite different from Indonesia, which has never counted the number of people in one house as a reference for the price of renting a place to live.

3. Cost of Daily Necessities

In addition to paying for house rent, you also have to pay for various facilities in it, such as gas, electricity, and water rent per month. 

The price also varies according to the current season. In summer, various facilities will be valued at around 20,000 yen or equivalent to 2 million rupiah.

Meanwhile, in winter, gas costs usually increase due to using heating in the room. Therefore, the price increases to 25-30 thousand yen or about 2 million 500 thousand to 3 million rupiah.

4. Transportation Fee General

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For public transportation costs, you can spend 10,500 yen or the equivalent of 1.4 million rupiah. However, you can save even more by using private transportation or walking.

5. Communication Costs

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The last detail of the cost is the cost of communication. As we know that pulses and the internet are important in this digital era. This includes Indonesian citizens living in Japan.

While living there, you are also required to have a Japanese telephone number. There are three provider which can be used at different rates. 

For example, provider Postpaid Docomo which provides 100 gigabytes of internet, with prices ranging from 10 thousand yen, equivalent to 1.3 million rupiah per month.  

How? Quite expensive, right? Although the cost of living in Japan is quite expensive, it is comparable to the income or salary you will get there. The more hours you work, the more money you will earn.

Quoting from the site, the following is a salary range for several major cities in Japan.

live in japan

However, this also cannot be used as a general benchmark, here. Because, if you have become a permanent employee of the company, the income can be greater than what is listed in the table.

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Well, that's all about the cost of living in Japan. In addition to saving expenses, you also need to manage finances, you know! 

You can use the Whiz Money Management App to know your financial condition at any time. That way, you can do better financial planning!