Here They Are! 8 Best MSME Business Examples

Example of MSME Business – Do you know what MSME stands for? For those of you who still don't know, don't worry! So, MSMEs are an abbreviation of Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises.

Then, what is MSME? MSMEs are activities in the form of businesses or businesses, which are carried out by individuals or privately owned business entities. In addition, MSMEs are formed according to the initiatives of their business actors, you know! That is, MSME actors take the initiative themselves to think about what business they want to do.

Here are some examples of MSME businesses that can be your reference.

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Here They Are! 8 Best MSME Business Examples

Via page, the Semarang City government emphasized that in its implementation, MSMEs apply several principles. Some of them are the principles of economy-democracy, togetherness, independence, efficient justice, sustainability, balance of progress, and national economic unity.

The main functions of MSMEs are as an increase in people's living standards, providers of goods and services, distribution of income, absorption of labor, and added value for regional products. Therefore, in general, MSMEs are carried out by the middle to lower middle class people. This is because the capital issued is also relatively small.

So, don't worry for those of you who have small capital but want to open a business and have income. Here, Whizmin will provide 8 examples of the best MSME businesses. Listen, yes!

1. Homemade Culinary

Here They Are! 8 Best MSME Business Examples

Interesting, here, for those of you who are good at cooking! You can, you know, open a micro business by opening a culinary business with small capital. Just stay at home, interesting, huh! The capital you use is only cooking utensils at home and the food ingredients that you can buy in the market.

For marketing, you can use various social media, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more. Just think about marketing that is unique, interesting, and creative.

The profit potential of opening a home-based culinary is also quite high. It is clear because food is a basic daily need.

2. Traditional Snacks

Here They Are! 8 Best MSME Business Examples

One of the micro-enterprises that deserves to be imitated is the traditional snack business. In addition to preserving traditional foods, this business is labor intensive. Yup! the point is to be able to create a work or culture in the food.

Traditional snack businesses have the potential to be successful. If successful, then certainly a lot of job openings.

3. Laundry Kiloan

There are indeed many kilograms of laundry businesses, but that doesn't make the business a small opportunity. To start this business, you can only invest in a washing machine and dryer, detergent, fragrance, and iron. If it is calculated, it is not expensive because you can buy it at the cheapest price.

You can also start this business at home, you don't have to bother thinking about renting a shop or kiosk.

4. Online Business

Besides food, you can, you know, open a business online in e-commerce. You can sell electronic goods up to fashion. Usually, both are also secondary needs of society.

Again in this case marketing is needed. You can make a name determine a particular brand your business as interesting or unique as possible. Don't forget to also market it through social media or direct promotion in front of many people.

In addition, to start an online business, you can try to become a dropshipper first so you don't spend a lot of capital.

What is a dropshipper?

Dropshipper is a business system where someone sells goods without providing stock. So, every time there is a buyer, the item is just ordered by the dropshipper to the provider of the goods.

5. Juice or Packaged Drinks

With a small capital, you can open a juice and beverage business with a variety of flavors. Do not be underestimated, yes, this business has a high profit potential and promising. In fact, if the marketing is good, you can even open a franchise.

6. T-shirt screen printing

Lately, the business of t-shirt screen printing has been in the hands of many people. This business does require a rather high capacity and capital, but it is quite promising. Especially when there are big days or campaigns for the election of people's representatives.

7. Grocery Store

Opening a food stall or shop is very promising if you want to run it consistently. The grocery store will always be visited by people because everyone needs toothpaste, soap, oil, sugar, flour, and so on.

Although it has a rather high capital but the benefits are balanced. So, don't be afraid, yes, for those of you who are just starting this business.

8. Selling Sliced Chicken

Who doesn't like chicken? On average, everyone, both in the city and the village likes to eat chicken. Although it is carried out on a small scale, the economic potential is quite high.

You certainly don't hesitate to start this business. You can also do it for your main or side job.

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How? Are you interested in opening an MSME? By opening MSMEs, you will periodically be able to create new jobs, which will reduce the risk of unemployment.

Eits, but before opening this business, it's a good idea to improve your financial literacy first. Adding insight about finances is enough by Whiz finance app! Its easy, attractive, and complete features will ensure you are smart in managing finances.