Examples of Hedonism Among Teenagers: Recognize and Avoid

Examples of Hedonism Among Teenagers – Have you ever felt that your money is running out quickly because you often shop every time you see something new? Be careful! You have indirectly implemented an example of hedonism among teenagers.

What exactly is Hedonism? So that you can avoid this, this time Whizmin will explain the meaning of Hedonism, examples among teenagers, and ways to avoid Hedonism!

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What is Hedonism?

examples of hedonism among teenagers the meaning of hedonism

Hedonism is an understanding of life where you often spend money just to fulfill desires in order to follow pleasure and stay away from anything unpleasant like pain.

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Hedonism is the belief that only pleasure is valuable or valuable and only pain or displeasure is worthless or the opposite of happy value.

Why can Hedonism be practiced by some people? The reasons are certainly varied. Various factors such as relationships, environment, race, and ethnicity play a major role in shaping a person's behavior to become a Hedonist (a term for someone who adheres to Hedonism).

Hedonists prefer to indulge and give short pleasures. The pleasure they do is not only related to spending money but also time, energy, and thoughts.

Hedonism can occur among all ages. In fact, hedonism among adolescents actually has a greater risk of occurring. 

Quoted from the article by Hamzah, Hedonism among adolescents is prone to occur because at the age of adolescence usually someone is just starting to enter the social world. 

Pressure from the environment, fear of being abandoned or ostracized by peers are the main reasons for hedonism occurring among adolescents. 

Usually, it is this fear that makes teenagers go along with the trend, which sometimes not all of them have to follow. This is what triggers hedonism among teenagers.

Examples of Hedonism Among Adolescents

examples of hedonism among adolescents overspending

After knowing the meaning of Hedonism, Whizmin will share some examples of Hedonism behavior among teenagers. It could be, subconsciously you have also lived this Hedonism. Come on, get to know the examples so you can avoid them.

1. Overspending

For example, you like shopping for clothes. You will constantly buy clothes to follow your desire to buy even though you don't really need the clothes.

2. Change Gadgets with Fast Duration

When there is gadgets new like smartphone release, you will immediately replace your old with a new one because you want to follow the trend. Whereas, smartphone what you use is still very good.

3. Buying food outside too often

You are too lazy to cook and prefer to spend money to buy food at restaurants. In fact, cooking saves more money than buying food outside.

4. Spending Time on Useless Activities

you prefer to spend time with scroll social media, watching Youtube, or gossiping with friends instead of spending time studying or cleaning the house.

5. Hanging out too often and going out with friends

You go out too much and hang out with friends at expensive restaurants or cafes. In fact, you haven't saved any money or you haven't done your schoolwork.

The Impact of Hedonism Among Adolescents

examples of hedonism among extravagant teenagers

Is adhering to Hedonism or being a Hedonist a good choice? According to Whizmin, of course not! 

Being a hedonist will actually make your future unhappy. Apart from that, there are several other impacts that you will feel if you practice Hedonism, namely:

1. Consumptive and wasteful behavior

People who adhere to Hedonism tend to be more inclined to behave consumptively. Consumptive means that there is a nature like to spend money without any consideration.

If you have a consumptive nature, of course you will be wasteful. You prefer to waste money on things that are not necessarily useful for you. Thus, your money will run out faster. 

As a result, you can't manage your money properly, which allows you to have financial difficulties and even get into debt.

2. Being a Selfish Person 

Hedonism will make someone prefer to prioritize pleasure only. Thus, you will become an individualist and selfish person.

You will choose to prioritize the things that make you happy, without thinking about the obligations you have to do and the feelings of other people.

3. Lazy and Lacks a Sense of Responsibility

As a result of Hedonism that makes you selfish, it certainly makes you tend to be lazy to do things that are not fun. You don't want to be responsible for doing the obligations that you have to complete because of your lazy nature.

How to Overcome Hedonism

examples of hedonism among teenagers avoid managing money

1. Develop a Financial Plan

Making a financial plan is the most important thing to avoid Hedonism because Hedonism is closely related to wasting money. 

By drawing up a financial plan you will be able to determine the money you use for saving, school needs, and also for snacks. 

As a result, the pocket money given by your parents is still useful and you can still snack on the things you want without spending too much.

2. Learn to Consider Ripe Decisions

You have to make a decision carefully. For example, when you shop for something. You have to consider whether the item you really need or you want. 

Another example is also when you want to play a game. Have you finished the task beforehand or are there other obligations such as helping with homework that you have to do.

This will make it easier for you to save money and not waste your time and energy doing useless things so you can be more productive.

3. Selectively Choose Friends and Friendship Environment

Environment and friends greatly affect life, especially for teenagers. You should choose friends who are not extravagant and just like to have fun.

That doesn't mean you can't be friends with anyone! Make friends with anyone, but choose close friends who are able to invite yourself to do good things like being frugal.

4. Changing Mindset

You have to start thinking that a person has rights and obligations. To get the rights and things you want, you must first carry out the obligations.

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That's what Whizmin can say about Hedonism. After knowing the meaning of Hedonism, its characteristics, and its effects, do you feel that you have practiced Hedonism?

If so, of course this is very worrying. However, you can still change! Come on, learn to manage finances through the Whiz financial app to manage your finances.