6 Examples of Primary Needs in a Household

Examples of Primary Needs – In sustaining life, humans need several needs in life. Well, the need arises instinctively, you know! That is, this need is inherent and indeed humans were created that way by God.

In addition, needs can also be understood as a desire for objects or something that can provide satisfaction, both physical and spiritual satisfaction.

Humans have three types of needs based on their intensity, namely primary, secondary, and tertiary needs.

Apart from needs, there are also wants. Quoted from the page tirto.id, desire is something that you do not have to fulfill. This is because the desire is driven by lust that sometimes you cannot control, resulting in a wasteful nature in yourself.

However, this time, Whizmin's discussion will focus on needs, yes, especially on primary needs. Do you know what primary needs are? If not, come on, see the full explanation below.

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What are Primary Needs?

Primary needs are basic needs that must be met by humans because they are very important for you in carrying out daily life. It can be said, that this need has an absolute nature.

According to International Labor Organization (ILO) or the International Labor Organization, primary needs are basic human needs, both poor and rich. Thus, these needs are also referred to as minimal human needs.

Examples of Primary Needs in the household

1. Clothes

Examples of Primary Needs

Clothing is the most important and primary need. This need for clothing is very much needed for humans in activity. With clothes, you can be protected from hot and cold weather.

For example, when you go on vacation to a cold mountain area, the majority of people there must wear thick clothes. The goal, to survive in cold temperatures.

It's a different case if you are on vacation to the coastal area. Most of the people there wear light clothing. The goal is that their bodies do not overheat.

Well, that's the important role of clothing needs. Humans can not be separated from this need, in addition to keeping themselves from various temperatures, the need for clothing is also a rule that must be used by humans in living life.

2. Eat and Drink

Examples of Primary Needs

Eating and drinking are also known as food needs. Both are sources of energy for the human body. With energy from food, you can carry out body functions properly. Body functions are needed to repair and grow body tissues.

The human body is made up of millions, even billions of cells. Well, these cells need substances from the food and drinks that you consume every day.

So, how important is eating and drinking for our bodies so that both become primary human needs.

3. Residence

Examples of Primary Needs

The next example of Primary Needs is a place to live. A place to live or what is often referred to as a board is very important for humans to survive.

From time to time, the meaning of this board has also changed, from what was once just a location to a building. More focused, what is meant by building is a house. With a house, humans can survive with their families from various weathers.

The importance of housing in human life is also illustrated by the abundance of low-priced housing, which is subsidized by the government.

With a price that is not too high for a certain size, this can make it easier for humans to have shelter from the weather or something dangerous.

4. Health

In addition to the needs of clothing, food, and shelter above, health is also an example of other primary needs. When the body is healthy and fit, you can do all activities and achieve your goals.

However, if you are sick, you cannot do activities. Some activities will be hampered, even some of your goals cannot be achieved. Not to mention the cost of healing which is not cheap. Therefore, the quote says that “healthy is expensive”.

So, take care of your health, OK!

5. Education

Examples of Primary Needs

In general, education is one of the processes of life to develop each individual in carrying out life. Education can be obtained in three main places, namely the family environment, school, and community.

In addition, with a good education, later you will also feel a good future too. In fact, you can get the job you want. The more education you get from anywhere, the more established your life will be in the future.

Especially when you have offspring, make sure your descendants get a proper education so that they can become your next generation with a better version.

6. Work

Why, the heck, does everyone have to work? Well, by working, the above needs will be met. Work makes you earn every month.

In addition, you can also improve the welfare of the family. If family welfare is achieved, then your family life will be better.

Work also makes you to get a decent life. To get that, of course you have to have a high work spirit. Especially, if you are the head of the family and already have more than one child.

Meeting the needs of the family is also number one in this regard.

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Those are some of the primary needs that you must fulfill. Actually, if you are not married or are married, primary needs cannot be separated from these six things.

However, there is a significant difference, if you are married, the responsibilities and primary needs will be much greater than those who are not or are not married.

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