examples of secondary needs

Note! This is an example of secondary needs

Examples of Secondary Needs - Every human being has needs. One of them is secondary needs. Have you ever heard of secondary needs? In economics, the word "need" is often discussed. Because everyone needs various things to survive.

According to intensity or importance, needs are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. If the primary needs have been met, Whizmate can start meeting other needs. One of them is secondary needs. What are secondary needs?

in the book Economics Dictionary (2012) by Nurul Oktima, secondary needs are needs that function as a complement to primary needs. So, secondary needs act as things that support the existence of primary human needs. In other words, secondary needs are not mandatory because they are not urgent.

Then, what are some examples of secondary needs in the family environment? Read more in the following explanation!

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Examples of Secondary Needs in the Family

examples of secondary needs

1. Private Vehicle

Private vehicles are included in secondary needs, you know. Why? Because without a private vehicle, you can still go anywhere, really! Whizmate can use public transportation as a solution.

By using public transportation, you can also contribute to environmental health, you know. How could that be? Because you can reduce air pollution around you.

However, if your primary needs have been met, you can buy a private vehicle. With a note, you have to think about various obligations, such as being able to pay taxes.

2. Home Furniture

Furthermore, the need for household furniture is also categorized as a secondary need. Because, actually, you don't have to have all household furniture. There are some items that can be delayed buying, such as sofas, washing machines, and others.

Usually, sofas are bought to make it more comfortable for you to rest and when you are together with family. Meanwhile, washing machines are usually purchased to save time and effort when washing clothes.

Actually, you just need to buy furniture that has a more important urgency. After all, if you buy too much furniture, the free space in your home may decrease. So, the purchase of household furniture should also be considered, yes!

3. Entertainment Service

entertainment service

Not infrequently, everyone needs entertainment to relieve fatigue. For this reason, entertainment services such as television, radio, watching movies, and others are often considered as needs that must be met.

In fact, entertainment services are included in secondary needs, you know. Therefore, Whizmate does not have to rush to get entertainment services. However, you can buy or enjoy it when your primary needs have been completely met.

4. Electronic Devices

Actually, this point is still somewhat related to household furniture. Electronic devices are also included in the main secondary needs for humans. In fact, these tools will always develop and simplify human life.

Examples of electronic devices such as refrigerators, irons, and air conditioners. These items can indeed help daily human activities. In fact, the use of electronic devices is important so that daily life is more effective and efficient.

5. Recreation


The secondary need in the last family is recreation. This becomes a secondary need because it is used to get self-pleasure.

Taking vacation time is important because every human being is faced with tiring work and daily life. That way, recreation can provide a fresh sense for the mind so that it can be enthusiastic about carrying out activities again. 

There are various recreational options. It is adapted to the taste and comfort of every human being. There are people who are more comfortable with outdoor recreation, but there are also people who choose to visit remote places that are rarely visited. 

You don't need to worry, various information about recreational locations will be easy for you to get on the internet. So, you can choose a place according to your interests, financial condition, and personal needs. 

However, make sure first that your primary needs have been completely met. That way, recreation can be done without a burden!

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Well, those are some secondary needs in the family. Thus, we know that secondary needs can be purchased after the primary needs have been met. 

It is also important to list secondary needs that are really needed. The goal is that expenses are not greater than the income we have.

For that, Whizmate must also manage and know the financial condition in detail. One of them uses the Whiz financial application.. That way, you can learn financial literacy at the same time.