Example of a simple financial report

Example of a Simple Financial Report and Its Benefits

Example of a Simple Financial Statement – You must often be in a thick wallet situation at the beginning of the month and suddenly poor at the end of the month. That's a sign, you have not been able to manage finances well. You need to make financial reports for yourself.

Making financial reports is not only done by companies or agencies, you know. We can also make simple financial reports to manage our personal finances. The following is an example of a simple financial statement.

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Example of Creating a Simple Report

Quoted from Binus Online LearningFinancial statements are basically records about finances. Starting from the income at the beginning of the month, including the remaining money from the previous month, what you spent, and others. Let's take a look at the following simple report example.

Example of a simple financial report

You can create the financial reports above using excel or write them in a book manually. If you use excel you can add a formula to calculate the total balance.

Use the WHIZ Finance App

If you use the Whiz Financial App., all your income and expenses will be automatically recorded, you know. You don't need to bother recording financial statements.

Whiz as a financial application offers convenience financial planning EARNING auto recording, you know. So, all your financial activities in Finance Apps Whiz will be automatically recorded and you can check anytime.

Then, what are the benefits of making financial reports?

Benefits of Making Financial Reports

Example of a simple financial report

Helping Achieve Financial Goals

Recording financial reports will make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals. You definitely have goals that you want to achieve, whether paying debts, buying new gadgets, buying dream bags, and so on.

Recording financial reports lets you know the scale of your financial priorities. If there is a goal that you want to achieve, you will try to achieve it by drawing up the best possible budget.

As a reference in making decisions

When making financial reports, you will know whether your financial condition is stable or not. When your financial condition is stable, 

You can try to achieve long-term goals, such as starting installments on a house, buying a car, or starting to invest. Financial reports are useful as a reference when you make decisions for long-term goals.

Knowing Your Daily Expenses

The benefit of making financial reports, of course, is to see your expenses every day. Without notes, it's impossible for you to know where the money you've earned has gone. All of a sudden you become the thin wallet people on the old date.

Therefore, keeping records is very important to filter your expenses and see your biggest expenses each month.

Can Be Evaluation Material

Example of a simple financial report

Financial reports are very useful to be material for your financial evaluation. You can see unnecessary expenses and avoid them in the following month.

In addition, you can easily see how your finances are, whether there is growth in assets, and what is the rate of increase in income each year.

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Well, those are the benefits and examples of making financial reports. By compiling personal financial reports, you can check your financial condition easily at any time.

Don't want to bother? Just use the Whiz Finance App! You don't need to bother making financial reports anymore, everything is completely automatic and certainly makes it easier for you to manage finances.