how to have a good time management

How to Have Good Time Management for a Deadliner

How to Have Good Time Management – Do you find it difficult to divide your time amid busy activities? If so, it means that you probably have poor time management.

Time management is a way for someone to plan and exercise conscious control of time so they can wisely spend their time. Having good time management has many benefits. For example, someone will be much more productive and complete all activities they have on the list.

However, sometimes the time you have needs to be used properly. Someone may waste their time doing things that are not useful for them.

What are examples of someone who has good time management? This time, Whizmin will explain it in the following article. Let's see!

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Examples of One with a Good Time Management

How to Have a Good Time Management

1. Prioritizing Tasks or Jobs

The amount of time a person has does not guarantee that he can also complete a lot of work. Sometimes, some things disturb the focus of someone working on something.

The disturbance can be called a "distraction." Typically, these distractions can take the form of social media, video games, and other things. video games, and other things.

Prioritizing their tasks means that someone is implementing good time management skills. That way, you will do the job faster. So, priority in doing something is indeed essential to implement.

2. Doing Something Effectively

effective at doing something

Controlling yourself not to do something in vain is difficult, especially if there are many distractions in the middle of the process.

Effectiveness in doing everything is significant, OK, Whizmate. Effectively running something can also impact the minimum time needed with maximum work results. For example, you don't do long-winded things and replace them with activities that must be done.

3. Discipline when doing assignments

When we frequently waste our time, the work that we should complete quickly can take up a lot of time. Of course, this can be detrimental to your schedule, right, Whizmate?

When you want to get a job done, of course, you have to commit to getting it done. Apart from that, Whizmate must also try to focus and not do anything else that might be distracting.

Self-discipline is also crucial to having good time management, of course. A clear commitment and avoiding doing something unproductive will produce good results. Come on, let's start trying to be disciplined when doing assignments!

4. Don't Procrastinate About Do Something

Don't Procrastinate to Do Something

This one habit has become a classic problem for society. People tend to think that they have a very long time. As a result, they need more time to finish a task.

This will have a negative impact. Later, you will feel like you are being chased by your deadline so your work will not be optimal. In addition, you will also feel tired because of doing tasks that are too rushed.

5. Focusing on One Task at a Time

Often we do a lot of work at one time. The goal is that the work can be completed quickly.

Doing many things at once or multitasking can only sometimes be done by some. Perhaps, the method is efficient. However, it may mean something other than that it will produce maximum results. Even multitasking can drain more energy and lower the quality of work.

So, it would be better for you to focus on one task first in order to get maximum results. Therefore, avoid various distractions so that your work can be completed properly and on time.

Those are some examples of implementing good time management strategies. Whizmate must understand that a person's time is indeed abundant, but it depends on how one uses it. It could be wasted or vice versa.

Next, how do you apply those good time management strategies? Check out the following explanation, OK!

How to Improve Good Time Management Skills

how to improve good time management skills

Now that Whizmate knows examples of how to improve your time management, you also need to know how to implement them.

Improving one's time management is more challenging than one might think. There are several distinct ways to improve one's good time management. So, here's the explanation!

1. Determine Your Goals Before Working on the Task

Before doing a task, please determine the purpose of doing it. It can make you consistent in doing the job.

After all, if you don't have a definite goal, you will feel lazy because there is no end goal to achieve. Let's try to set goals before doing a task!

2. Make a To Do List

make a to do list

Not only targets to improve your time management, but Whizmate can also make a sort of to-do list or activity schedule. to-do list or activity schedule.

Later, the existing schedule will become a benchmark for activities that you must do. Therefore, Whizmate will reduce useless activities.

3. Dare to Say “No”

Often we are reluctant to refuse invitations from friends, co-workers, or family to do things or activities we don't want to do. For example, you were invited by your friend to go to the mall, but you don't want to because you have schoolwork. However, it's hard to refuse. Finally, you accept the invitation.

So, if you are caught in such a situation, don't hesitate to refuse and dare to say "no" because you have full power over your own time.

However, the way to refuse it must also be ethical and polite, OK. Don't offend them. Instead of saying "no" outright, you can use other, more polite sentences like, "Thank you for inviting me, but today I'm going to rest at home."

You can also use refusal sentences according to the other party and the conditions at the time.

4. Set a Working Time Limit

set a time limit for work

Next, you need to set a processing time limit or a deadline. Usually, the deadline for school assignments is determined by the teacher. However, it would be better if you also specify your deadline so that the work can be organized and done on time.

This is indeed important, Whizmate. If there is no time limit for doing the task, you will increasingly delay working on it or even forget about the deadline given by your teacher, lecturer, or boss.

5. Use Time Management Tools

The digital age has a positive impact on various things. One of them is in terms of time management. You can try several applications such as Any Do, Time Planner, Trello, Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, and others.

You can choose the application that suits you. For example, you can choose a Trello app for tracking your daily activity. In fact, you can also choose Google Calendar to see your daily schedule in detail up to the time of completion.

However, it would help if you remained consistent in using this application. The goal is to organize the daily schedule systematically and more practically.

So, those are examples of ways to improve your time management skills. However, the commitment remains the most important aspect of improving your time management. Don't be afraid to try it, and good luck!

You can also start being disciplined with time management through small steps, such as getting used to discipline in financial matters. If it's about this, the Whiz Financial App. ready for you to rely on! With Whiz, you can learn finance from an early age anytime and anywhere. Come on, try using it Whiz!

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