7 Family Activities During the Pandemic

This pandemic has been going on for almost two years. In order to maintain the health of our families and communities, we are all required to restrain ourselves and stay at home. Family activities during the pandemic that we usually do outside the home such as work, school, sports, and others are being done at home.

Well, after almost two years, of course we and our families have started to feel tired of this seemingly endless pandemic. But, don't worry! Check out some family activities during the pandemic that you can do and have a positive effect on family health!

7 Family Activities During the Pandemic

1. Exercising

In order to maintain the physical health of the family, you can invite your spouse and children to exercise. Exercises that can be done at home together, such as gymnastics and sports, not only help you keep your body healthy and fresh, but are also fun to do together.

In addition, if you have a yard or yard that is large enough, you can invite your children and partner to do sports such as playing badminton and soccer. You can also buy equipment and tables to play table tennis, chess, etc. to keep the sports activities fun and not boring for the kids!

You can also invite them to jog around the house. However, don't forget to follow the existing health protocols, OK!

2. House Cleaning

During the pandemic, we are all encouraged to maintain personal and environmental hygiene. Because we will be staying at home for a long time, with more free time than usual, it's a good idea to take the time to clean the house.

Starting from sweeping and mopping parts of the house that are rarely cleaned such as warehouses, storage rooms, attics, yards and other places. Surfaces of cabinets, televisions, and other parts that have started to get dusty can also be cleaned with a mixture of water, soap, and antiseptic.

However, don't just do it yourself. Invite your spouse and children to clean up your home together. For children, activities like this can train many things, such as maintaining cleanliness, how to organize the house, how to tidy up things, and teach them that the place to live must be kept clean and comfortable so that life becomes more comfortable and peaceful.

3. Sorting Out Unnecessary Items

Well, while cleaning the house, of course you will find some items that may be no longer needed or damaged. You can use this opportunity to dispose of these items.

If the items found, such as clothes, electronics, or furniture, are still in good condition, you can donate them or sell them online. While doing declutter You can also give it to someone who needs it more!

4. Home Redecoration

Maybe before the pandemic, you and your partner didn't have much free time to do this. Well, now that you have more free time, redecorating your home can be a fun and exciting activity!

Because you will spend a lot of time together at home, of course after some time the home decor will seem boring. By redecorating the house such as changing the positions of furniture, installing wallpapers new, etc. can keep the house looking fresh and not boring.

Besides, you can give your Kids the opportunity to customize the appearance and decoration of their own room!

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4. Cooking Together

For those of you who like to cook, cooking with your family can be a fun and educational family activity during a pandemic, you know!

You can teach your little one how to cook such as cutting ingredients, frying, sautéing, steaming, baking, grilling, and preparing food. Besides being fun, this activity will also increase Skill little ones so that more and more skills they have!

Then, maybe you have a secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family and this could be a perfect opportunity to share it with them and carry on the tradition!

5. Watching Movies

This pandemic has resulted in film lovers not being able to enjoy their hobby of watching in the cinema. For those of you who miss watching your favorite movies on the big screen, you can try watching movies with your family using a projector.

Connect your computer with a projector, point it at the wall or a white cloth attached to the wall, turn off the room lights, and you can enjoy your favorite program with fun with your family!

6. Playing Games

Among those of you who like to play games, both on the device and on the board games, there are many games that can be enjoyed with the family.

Besides being fun, there are many games that can educate children and enhance their experience.  Board games such as monopoly, snakes and ladders, and scrabble are some classic board games for the family to try.

After reading some of these activities, what have you been doing with your family? Is there an activity you've never tried and you're interested in doing? Hopefully some of these activities can help you and your family to maintain health and keep away from boredom, yes!

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