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Manage THR so you don't waste it

Manage THR Wisely: Check Out These 5 Tips

Manage your THR so you don't waste it - Eid al-Fitr is a moment that many people have been waiting for, not only providing happiness and togetherness but also financial joy. One source of joy is the Holiday Allowance (THR). During THR...

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Financial Plan to Buy Your Dream Car

Financial Plans for Buying Your Dream Car, Learn How!

Financial Plan to Buy a Dream Car - Buying a dream car is not a decision that can be taken spontaneously. Careful financial planning is needed so that the car buying process runs smoothly without burdening your finances. This article will discuss how to plan finances to buy...

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Budgeting during Ramadan

Managing Family Finances: 5 Budgeting Tips During Ramadan

Budgeting during Ramadan – When Ramadan arrives, not only does your heart need to be purified, but your wallet also needs to be managed well, you know. Facing this blessed month, managing finances appropriately is the key so that this holy moment runs smoothly without...

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