10 Exciting Ideas to Do in a Family Gathering, Let's Take Notes!

Exciting ideas for a family gathering - This epidemic has forced people to lessen their activities outside and spend more time at home. It has been two years since then, and millions of people have been vaccinated. Little by little, this epidemic has subsided.

Even getting vaccinated doesn't mean we can freely go outside, distancing ourselves; limitations are still there. That way, getting bored at home is a given, and sometimes we are just left with nothing to do with our family.

And yet, no need to worry! Whizmin will give you some exciting ideas to reduce boredom this time. Let's take a look at some of those ideas!

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10 Exciting Ideas To Do In A Family Gathering

1. 1. Playing A Game WIth The Whole Family Members

fun ideas for family gathering

Now that the epidemic forces us to stay at home, we have more free time than usual. This applies to older people, as well. In regards to that, board games or video games can help you beat the boredom due to having to stay at home.

Board games like monopoly, snakes, ladder, poker cards, twister, etc., are fun to play with many people. On the other hand, video games albeit fun ones, can be played together with your family. Some of them are Jackbox Party Pack which must be fun to play with many people.

2. 2. Family Karaoke

10 Exciting Ideas to Do in a Family Gathering, Let's Take Notes!

Who said that only those with good voices could sing? Whoever it is must be able to do this fun activity. Especially if you do it with your family, it will surely become more exciting and fun.

So, don't you worry! You don't need any particular places to do it; you only need to set up a youtube video, open the karaoke playlists of the songs you are going to sing with your family, then the karaoke can begin.

You can also listen to oldies songs. Who knows if there is any musician or music that you have never heard of that can become your favorite! By any means, try it!

3. 3. Barbeque

10 Exciting Ideas to Do in a Family Gathering, Let's Take Notes!

The following ideas must be able to invoke your appetite. Who doesn't enjoy barbecue?Cooking your food with selected delicious seasoning and then eating them with your family is an unrivaled joy!

Remember to prepare diverse food so all your family members can enjoy it, okay! Because not everyone has the same taste, don't they?

4. 4. Exercising

During this epidemic, taking care of our health is very important. Not only by eating nutritious food and drinking vitamins, but we also have to exercise to keep ourselves fit.

Exercising together with family can be more fun than doing it yourself. You can motivate your family to be more vigilant in keeping themselves in shape this way.

But, please do remember. Try to do the exercise inside or outside around the house, okay. To minimize any risks happening!

5. 5. Video Call with Your Relatives

The epidemic that forced us to stay at home must have prevented us from keeping in contact with our other family members. Anyone must miss them at this point.

Fortunately, we can meet them in this digital era indirectly so that you can alleviate that longing. Don't only use video call to meet with your colleagues; use this feature to let your enthusiasm out for your relatives!

They feel the same as well, staying at home. They will surely be happy when you call them, exchanging stories with them. You can do it, especially on weekends!.

6. 6. Movie Marathon

All this time, you may use your Netflix account to watch alone most of the time. But now, It's time to use it for the family to do the Movie Marathon.

Choose a movie that everyone in your family can watch. Make sure all your family members want to watch the same film to avoid anyone getting bored and regretting watching the movie together.

And the more exciting thing is you can prepare popcorn and snacks to make it feel like in the cinema. Turning off the lights can also make the atmosphere like in the cinema.

7. 7. Checking The Family Photo Album

It was said that a picture tells a thousand words. For those of you who have saved your old family album, both physically and digitally, taking a look at the photos and talking about them can be an activity that is worth doing.

There must be context and background story in every photo stored in them. By sharing your past histories, you and your family can become closer and understand each other better.

It will surely be fun to share stories, especially for the children who haven't known much about your family history! Try it!

8. Watching A Virtual Concert

Since the epidemic struck, many music concerts have been canceled. But you should not worry because you can still watch it though virtually. Ask your family to watch along; your family gathering will be more exciting and fun!

9. Small Camp

It looks fun if you have a big yard at home. You can do many things there, like camping for example.

This kind of activity is recommended for those who have kids already and are confused on where to go for a trip in this epidemic situation.

To eliminate your boredom and confusion, you can get your family to have a small camping, make tents, and stay the night there. Interesting isn't it?

10. Cooking Together

With so much free time, you can try various cooking recipes with your family member! Cooking with your family is also more fun, and you can be creative with the recipes you have already had.

When the dishes are ready, you can have a feast with them. It's so exciting!

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