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Getting to Know Middle Class Families in Indonesia

Middle Class Family – As the name suggests, middle class means being in the middle: not as rich as the owners of capital, but well off. According to reports and studies, Indonesia's population is dominated by the middle class. Each middle class also has different parameters. It can be estimated that the number of middle class families in Indonesia is 30 to hundreds of millions of people.

Launch the article assumption.co, the Asian Development Bank in 2012, defined the middle class in Indonesia as people with an expenditure of US$2-20 per day. So, what are the criteria for a middle-class family? How to determine it?

To get to know the middle class in Indonesia, this article will explain the meaning of the middle class and how to define it.

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Definition Middle class

middle class

Middle class or middle class is a group of people who are in the middle of a social hierarchy. Socio-economically they are between the lower and upper classes, not including the rich or the poor.

They are people who are able to meet their own needs, even at certain times they are able to buy desires other than their main needs, such as taking vacations or buying luxury goods.

So, what makes middle class very influential on the Indonesian economy? This can be seen from their income which is sufficient and able to meet their own needs. Family life middle class also tend to be regular and stable.

More and more middle class families in Indonesia are proving that they have managed to get out of the poverty line. It can be concluded, the more middle class in Indonesia, the more the Indonesian economy rises.

How to Determine?

After understanding the meaning of the middle class, then there are several factors to determine which class group a member of society belongs to, namely:

1. Income

The main factor that determines a person's social class is income. Income which includes wealth and money they have will determine how the lifestyle they will live. People who have a lot of money, of course, can afford to buy luxury items such as cars, jewelry, bags branded, and others. Therefore, the producer becomes an important determinant of social class.

2. Education

Educational background is also a factor that determines a person's social class. Why is that? This is because the higher a person's education, the greater the cost required to complete the education. For this reason, educational background can also show how a person's social background is. In addition, a person's good education will affect a person's social class level in the future

3. Work

The last factor is work. Where we can see how a person's lifestyle is from their standard of living, relationships, even their daily habits from their work. Work is a good indicator to determine where a person's social class is.

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So that's the definition of a middle class family and how to determine it. The more middle class in Indonesia, it means that the economy is growing. For that, hopefully in the future more middle class families will emerge.