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5 Examples of Family Responsibilities You Should Know!

Examples of Family Responsibilities – Responsibility is human awareness to fulfill their obligations. Being responsible can be applied wherever we are, FYI,, whether at school, in public places, even in the family.

Responsibility to the family means awareness of family members' obligations or responsibilities in the family environment. With the responsibilities in the family, family members will become responsible in the broader environment.

This time, Whizmin will explain some examples of family responsibilities. Come on, see more below!

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Examples of Family Responsibilities

1. Maintaining the Good Name of the Family

family responsibilities

The family's good name is interpreted as the self-image of a family with no flaws. Maintaining a good name is crucial because it gives a good impression to others. 

To maintain the good name of the family, Whizparents are expected to teach moral values to children. For example, you respect others, maintain kinship, maintain words and behavior, and keep secrets or family disgrace. 

This moral cultivation process is important. FYI,this moral cultivation process is necessary, you know. Why? When children reach their teenage years, they will be braver in exploring many things, one of which is socializing. So that children don't get caught up in wrong associations, it would be nice if parents teach and accustom children to be responsible in society, starting with small things. For example, they were tidying up their toys after playing. This habit will carry over into adulthood.

So, apart from providing academic education, it is also crucial for Whizparent to provide character education from an early age.

2. Obeying the Family Rules

Rules don't only exist at school, you know! Whizparents can also set their own family rules. Of course, the rules must be approved by all family members, including children. 

With the rules, family members are expected to create a good habit in the family environment. 

After all, family rules also have several benefits, such as avoiding arguments that lead to fights, practicing discipline, and family members will get to love and respecting each other more.

Whizparents can start by returning things to their original places when using them and not eating on the bed. 

3. Maintaining Family Harmony

Family Harmony

Whizparents definitely want to have a harmonious family. Yup! Having a harmonious family is everyone's dream. Harmony is important for family unity. Why? Because a harmonious family can create a sense of belonging and love for fellow family members. 

Keep in mind, a family is not lived in just a week or a month, but for life. Well, to maintain family harmony, Whizparent needs to do a number of things. For example, such as building positive communication among family members. 

It may sound simple. However, if it is successfully done, Whizparent has a hand in carrying out one of the most critical responsibilities in the family. 

4. Behaving in Accordance with the Norms in the Family

Of course, we must comply with all applicable norms in social life. It's the same when we are at home. This means that we must abide by the norms set at home. 

The family environment is indeed the first environment for socializing. Therefore, the application of norms in the family environment is critical. For example, younger siblings should call their older siblings with honorifics, don't speak harshly, and ask for help kindly when they need help.

5. Maintaining Safety, Comfort and Cleanliness in the House within the Family

maintaining family comfort

This last point may seem the simplest of the others. However, it turns out that it's also essential. Maintaining security and comfort is still related to the previous points. 

You can create security and comfort from family harmony. Harmony is obtained by carrying out the responsibilities of each family member. In addition, parents must also maintain assertive and positive communication to create comfort in the family.

On the other hand, cleanliness is equally important. The reason is, a clean family will create a healthy family. Cleanliness does not only come from one family member, but also as a whole. Starting from personal hygiene to cleanliness in the house.

Therefore, Whizparent can schedule a time to work together to clean the house because family cleanliness will create a healthy family too. 

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So, those are some examples of family responsibilities. Whizparent can start to show the kids how to be responsible at home! Come on, let's create a healthy and harmonious family!