Financial Compatibility Quiz

Valentine's Moment: Quiz on Financial Compatibility with Your Partner

Financial Matching Quiz – Valentine's is not only about expressions of love, chocolates and dolls, but also about understanding the compatibility between you and your partner, especially compatibility in the financial aspect. 

Maybe discussing finances with your partner isn't easy, but don't worry, you can see your and your partner's financial compatibility using a quiz, you know. 

Please read and answer the quiz questions below to find out whether you and your partner's financial goals, spending habits, ways of communicating and dealing with financial stress are compatible or need to be discussed again.

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Financial Compatibility Quiz with Couples

Financial Compatibility Quiz

1. Shared Financial Goals 

a) Do you prioritize saving money long term, such as to buy a house, travel, or get married?
A. Yes, we have the same priority for saving.
B. In part, we have long-term savings for different purposes.
C. Not so, our priorities are different when it comes to saving money.

2. Spending Habits

b) How do you and your partner decide on a shopping budget together?
A. We jointly create and follow a budget.
B. There are some differences of opinion, but we are looking for a solution together.
C. Budget determination is often a source of conflict for us.

c) What if you want to buy an expensive item?
A. We will discuss it first before buying
B. My partner will forbid, but I will buy anyway
C. We don't ask for permission to buy something

3. Communication

d) Do you openly discuss financial matters?
A. Yes, we openly discuss all financial matters.
B. We discussed financial matters, but there were some things that were not discussed.
C. Rarely discusses financial matters openly.

e) Are you on the same page when it comes to making big financial decisions?
A. Yes, we are on the same page when it comes to making big decisions.
B. There are often differences of opinion, but we can find solutions together.
C. No, we often disagree on major financial decisions.

4. Financial Stress

f) How well do you support each other when facing difficult times financially?
A. We support each other well during difficult times.
B. We try to support each other and try to understand each other.
C. Mutual support is lacking, and conflicts often occur.

g) Do you and your partner have a financial emergency plan to overcome difficult situations?
A. We have a good emergency plan ready to go.
B. There is a plan, but it is still often used for personal purposes.
C. We don't have a clear emergency plan.

h) How effectively do you and your partner manage financial stress?
A. We have effective strategies and can deal with stress well.
B. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work so well.
C. Difficulty in dealing with financial stress.

Calculate the score you get

A: ____
B: ____
C: ____

The letter you choose most will describe the level of compatibility between you and your partner in financial matters.

The following is the explanation

If many choose A: Congratulations! Financial compatibility with the same long-term financial goals can strengthen your and your partner's financial relationship.

If many choose B: Consider going more in depth in discussing and finding a middle ground so you can avoid financial conflicts.

If you choose C a lot: It's time for you and your partner to talk together and discuss your finances to minimize future incompatibility.

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So that's the financial compatibility quiz with your partner. By answering the quiz, you can reflect on your and your partner's financial compatibility and strengthen your relationship. 

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