8 Exciting Savings Challenges: Let's Try it!

Lately, there have been many exciting saving challenges that you can follow, you know! There is no longer a boring term for saving, by following this challenge, your saving activities will definitely be much more fun and interesting.

But, what are the savings games and challenges that can be followed? Come on, take a look at these 8 fun saving challenges!

8 Exciting Savings Challenges

1. 20K Tube Challenge

The first challenge is the 20 thousand tube. In Indonesia, you can find the 20 thousand denomination in many transactions. Well, the challenge is that every time you get change or your transaction generates 20 thousand notes, you can't use it and you have to save!

For example, after lunch costs 30 thousand, you use 50 thousand bills to pay for it. Well, the change you get will amount to 20 thousand. You must save and save the change, as well as other transactions, yes!

2. 100 Envelope Tube Challenge

The next challenge is to save using 100 envelopes. The trick, you write a nominal pattern of Rp. 1,000, Rp. 2,000, Rp. 3,000 to Rp. 100,000 in 100 envelopes. Then, every 2 weeks, take one envelope at random and whatever amount you get, you have to put that amount in the envelope!

After all the envelopes are filled, you will have a savings of IDR 5,050,000!!

3. 30 Days Tube Challenge

As the name implies, this 30-day tube challenge requires you to save a certain amount of money according to the date. Every 1st, you save Rp. 1,000, on the 2nd, you save Rp. 2,000, until the 30th you save Rp. 30,000

If you want to make this challenge even more interesting, you can reverse the amount and date you saved! You can enter the numbers saved according to the date. For example, on the 1st, the tube is Rp. 30,000. On the 2nd, the tube is Rp.29,000. Continue the pattern until the 30th when you only have to save an amount of IDR 1,000.

In total, you will have a savings of IDR 465 thousand!

4. 52 Weeks Tube Challenge

Similar to the 30 day tube challenge, the 52 week tube challenge has similar rules. This challenge is suitable for those of you who are not used to saving.

However, unlike before, this 52 week tube challenge must run for a year. The routine of saving is also done every week compared to every day.

In the first week, the tube is Rp. 1,000. Then, in the second week, the tube is Rp. 2,000. Follow this pattern until at week 52, you save IDR 52,000.

After one year, you will have a total savings of IDR 1,378,000. Not bad for saving a year!

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5. Daily Weather Tube Challenge

Well, this one is unique and interesting to follow. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, try to check the weather forecast for that day. In the weather forecast, you will find the average temperature for your location for that day.

For example, on Monday you check the average temperature is 25° Celsius. Well, save 25 thousand on that day! Similarly on Wednesday, if the average temperature shows 30° Celsius, save 30 thousand on that day! Etc.

6. Minimalism 30 Day Tube Challenge

Do you have a lot of unused items? If so, this challenge will be perfect for you.

In this tube challenge, you will be asked to sell one of your used items every day for a month. No matter how much income you get from selling used goods, that's what you have to save.

In addition to saving in a fun way, you also get rid of used items that you no longer use and provide benefits for people who buy them!

7. Dime Saving Challenge

Have you ever found some money in your clothes pocket? Regardless of the amount, finding the money was like finding treasure!

Well, as a smart pirate, the treasure, whatever the amount, must be saved! This challenge forces you to keep all the money you find in your pockets, bags, jackets, scattered in drawers, and other places. Happy treasure hunting, huh!

8. Race the Tube Challenge

Unlike the previous challenges that you can do alone, this challenge requires you to compete with your friends or family members!

How to live it is simple, really. First, determine the duration of your race. Then, decide which challenge you want to revamp, or maybe you and your savings opponent can create a new challenge. Well, the end result is that the participant with the most savings at the end of the competition wins.

If you are racing, of course there will be prizes for the winners, but don't be too expensive! You can also make gifts that are not in the form of money, use your creativity!

So, after reading some of the fun saving challenges above, which challenge would you like to try? Or maybe you want to try them all? Good luck and useful, yes!

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