Fun tips for monthly shopping

8 Fun Monthly Shopping Tips with Family: It's Quality Time!

Fun Tips for Monthly Shopping – Do you often do monthly shopping with your family? Shopping together is definitely fun, but sometimes also a hassle. Have your kids ever run around the supermarket aisles? Or has your child ever picked up the things that are on the shelves?

One of the difficulties with monthly shopping with family is that children can become fussy or feel bored at the supermarket. As a result they create a commotion that makes the family and others feel uncomfortable.

So, how do you make monthly shopping fun?

Creating a fun and stress-free shopping experience with your family is actually easier than you might think. There are several ways that you can use to make your children and family feel entertained while shopping.

Whiz has 8 fun tips for shopping with the family that are perfect to practice this weekend! Come on, let's check out the fun tips!

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8 Fun Tips for Shopping with the Family

Here are 8 fun tips that you can use when shopping with your family! Guaranteed shopping is no longer boring!

1. Play Games Together Families

The first tip you can try is playing games with your family. There are several games that are suitable to be played in supermarkets, for example, guess the color, guess the item, guess the price, and the alphabet game.

Color guessing game, you will ask the child to find an item with a certain color and the child must be able to find it. This game will inspire children's exploration soul!

Item guessing game, you will provide a description of an item and the family must be able to guess what item you mean! Then, in the price guessing game, you will hold an item and the family must guess the price. They will be trained to think critically and observe!

The last game, which is the alphabet, you will name a letter and the child must be able to find items that start with that letter. That's great!

2. Let Them Choose Shopping

Usually, the party who determines what to buy is the parents. So, try to involve children in the shopping decision-making process. Ask the child to analyze what items are out of stock and what items might be needed. Then, make a grocery list together.

In addition, you can also ask children what items they want. Let children explore and find things they like. Children will feel appreciated and their opinions heard. This method is also good for training children to think critically, focus, and make the most appropriate decisions.

3. Create a Challenge for Kids

So that monthly shopping activities are more exciting, try making a challenge for your child or partner. For example, who can find item A the fastest! Or, challenge them to find item A at the biggest discount! Finally, try to challenge them to find 3 items with a total price of under Rp. 20,000!

Guaranteed, monthly shopping activities must be exciting and excited. You can also give rewarding to the winner! Children usually really like the challenge system and rewarding like this. Good luck!

4. Give Fun Information

Are you familiar with the term fun facts? Or do you even like to find interesting facts about our daily lives? So that the family doesn't get bored, you can FYI, share interesting facts you know!

In addition, you can also end it by giving short quizzes about various things that interest the family, such as quizzes about movies, books, football, etc. Shopping will definitely never be boring again!

5. Capture the Moment

Monthly shopping moments with family can be a precious moment someday. You can use this opportunity to capture the moment together. Take family photos when they are at the supermarket, photos that are indeed posing and photos candid.

Photo of the moment when the kids are down the aisle, when the couple is seriously reading the grocery list, selfie with them, etc. You can also ask the kids to do weird poses with their groceries. Guaranteed the family will not feel bored!

6. Buy Good Food to Eat Together

After finishing shopping, your body will definitely feel tired and hungry. Well, to fix this, you can buy delicious food at the supermarket to eat with your family when you're done shopping! You can discuss what delicious food you want to eat later. This method is fun and effective FYI, to open up space for discussion and to create something to look forward to.

7. Exchange Stories

Do you have a fun, funny, or stressful event that you want to share with others? You can FYI, take advantage of monthly shopping moments with family to exchange exciting stories.

This is a powerful way to get rid of boredom, especially if the story is very interesting! This method can also be used to find out what happened to the child that week. Channels of communication become open and a sense of trust between family members will be built.

8. Appreciate Them

After the monthly shopping is complete, don't forget to give them an appreciation. Appreciation can be given in various forms, ranging from greetings, small gifts, body gestures such as hugs, etc. It is important to let the family know that you appreciate their time and cooperation.

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Those are 8 fun monthly shopping tips with your family that you can try yourself! Quality time with family becomes more fun and useful. Good luck!

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