Smart Saver Funding

Smart Saver Funding: Learn How to Save Effortlessly

Smart Saver Funding – Start planning your financial future with Smart Saver Whiz. 

Smart Saver is a long-term savings product (deposit) from Whiz that allows you to optimize the benefits of the money you save. Through collaboration with Bank Perekonomian Rakyat (BPR), Smart Saver Whiz offers a high-interest rate of 6.75% p.a.

If you already know how to create a Smart Saver account, now it's time to learn how to fund your Smart Saver. Follow the steps below!

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How to Fund Smart Saver, Effortless Way

Want to start earning with Smart Saver Whiz? Follow the steps below to begin funding easily and conveniently.

1. Click 'Fund This Smart Saver Pocket'

After filling out the opening form, you can proceed with the signature and funding process for Smart Saver.

To continue funding, on the Smart Saver opening page, click the 'Fund This Smart Saver Pocket' button.

2. Choose the Funding Method and Click 'Fill Pocket'

Smart Saver Funding

You will be directed to the Pocket filling page. Choose the funding method, whether through the Whiz wallet or via bank transfer. 

If using the Whiz wallet, make sure your wallet balance is sufficient for Smart Saver funding.

The funding amount will be automatically filled in by the system, according to the amount you selected for placement earlier. After that, click 'Fill Pocket.'

3. Choose the Bank Option

Smart Saver Funding

If you are making a deposit through a bank transfer, choose the bank transfer option that corresponds to the one you have.

4. Complete the Transfer Process Following Instructions

After that, virtual accounts number will appear. Make sure to follow the transfer instructions according to the bank you have selected.

5. Funding Successful! Check Smart Saver Details

After successfully transferring and signing the form, you will receive a notification that Smart Saver is being processed by the partner bank.

Subsequently, you will receive another notification stating that Smart Saver has been successfully created. You can check the details of your Smart Saver to view the issued deposit certificate.

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By following the steps above, funding Smart Saver on Whiz becomes easier and hassle-free. Whiz ensures that each step is carried out transparently and safely. So, no need to worry anymore.