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A Memorable Gift for Dad on Father's Day

Gift for Dad – Father is a figure admired and Super hero best for family. Her struggle to earn a living and be a leader in the family needs to be appreciated. Giving affection and words of encouragement may be enough for fathers, but at certain moments like Father's Day it would be better if we give a special gift.

Now, the Whiz financial application. I also want to celebrate Father's Day with you. Let's look at the following recommendations for memorable gifts for fathers on Father's Day.

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7 Recommended Gifts for Dad

gift for dad

There are many ways to show our gratitude to dad. One of them by giving him a gift. Here are 7 recommendations for gifts for dads that are memorable, useful, and can certainly be an inspiration for you.


gift for dad

The easiest and most needed gift for fathers is a wallet. Have you seen dad's wallet? Sometimes dad rarely buys a new wallet, either because he is frugal, doesn't have time, or is lazy to replace it. Though the wallet is an important item to store money, identity cards, and other important cards.

Buying a new wallet is a great dad gift recommendation. Dad will take the wallet you gave him wherever and whenever he is.


gift for dad

Belts are one of the important items that are often used by fathers. Giving dad a belt can be one of your choices. Besides being easy to get, you also don't have to bother measuring the size of your feet or body, such as when buying shoes or clothes. You can also add an engraving of your father's name or initials which will make your gift very special.

Praying stuff

Giving worship equipment, such as caps, sarongs, and koko clothes can be the best choice for father gifts. Giving him worship equipment can make him more enthusiastic to worship and always remember God. For those who are not Muslim, you can provide worship equipment according to their respective religions, such as the Bible for Christians.

Hobby-related things

During holidays, usually dad likes to spend time pursuing his hobby. Therefore, giving a gift that matches your father's hobbies is a good idea. If your father likes gardening, you can buy him plant seeds to tools, such as scissors or shovels.

Giving a gift that is related to your father's hobbies will impress him and feel happy because you support his hobby.

Coffee Maker

Drinking coffee is a mandatory morning routine for almost all fathers. If your dad is a coffee lover, giving him a coffee maker is the perfect gift. By having his own coffee maker, dad can mix coffee and make his own favorite coffee. He can enjoy his morning routine with pride and happiness.


Buying a gift of clothes, such as a shirt is not a bad idea. Especially if your dad works in an office that requires him to wear a shirt every day. In order not to be confused, you can look for a shirt color that he doesn't have or his favorite color. Buying dad a shirt gift would be very beneficial for him.

Piggy Bank for Saving

Mother teaching her daughter about savings

Ever heard of Nagita Slavina giving a chicken piggy bank as a gift for Raffi Ahmad? Yes, giving dad a piggy bank can be an inspiration for Father's Day gifts. You can make your own creation piggy bank to make it more memorable.

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You can also make Whiz as a gift on Father's Day, you know! Whiz is a financial application for families. Through Whiz parents can participate in the financial development of their children.