Romantic Valentine's Gift

Romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas, Make Doi Add Love

Romantic Valentine's Gift - February has arrived, it's time for you to prepare the best gift for your doi. You certainly know what celebrations are this month, right? yep, Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day which falls on February 14th. This celebration is synonymous with exchanging gifts and spending time with your partner.

You do not You have to give expensive gifts or gifts. You can make your own gift and customize it with budget that you have. The most important thing on Valentine's Day is your sincerity, you know.

In addition, there are so many types of items that you can give to your doi. Did you give flowers and chocolates last year? You definitely want to give something new, right? Well, here are some valentine gift ideas that are not only romantic, but also anti mainstream. Scroll to the bottom yes!

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8 Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Beloved

 Romantic Valentine's Gift

Snack Box

If the doi really likes snacking, you can give a valentine gift in the form of snack box. It's very easy, you know. You just go to the supermarket and buy snacks your partner's favorite, write loving messages on each package, and store the snack in a box or cardboard. If so, don't forget to decorate it with a ribbon.

If you don't want the hassle, you can buy it too snack box in some of your subscription online shops, you know. 

Memory Box

Are you the type of person who keeps memories with your partner? If so, you can give a valentine gift in the form of memory box. What is it? So, all you have to do is prepare a box or cardboard and fill it with memorable items for you and your partner, such as movie tickets, group photos, love letters, and so on.

With this gift you don't need to prepare budget expensive, just keep all your memories well. Memory box can be a very romantic gift for your partner. Come on, prepare your memories now.

Ball with Message of Love

Valentine's gift that is no less romantic is a ball. Hah? Ball? Eits, this is not an ordinary ball. If your partner has a hobby of playing football, whether football, basketball, volleyball, and others. You can gift him a ball, but not an ordinary ball.

You can give your partner a ball that already has your handwriting on it. Can contain feelings or messages of love. Guaranteed, the doi will really like it!

Couple's Hobby Bouquet


Do you usually give a bouquet of flowers to your partner? Now is your time to be creative. As a gift on Valentine's Day, you can give your partner a bouquet containing their favorite items.

If your partner likes to collect Hot Wheels, you can give them a Hot Wheels bouquet, you know. What if your partner likes gardening or making coffee? You can also give him gardening tools or the best Indonesian coffee beans. Anyway, you have to know what your partner likes, right!

Jar Contains "Reason Why I Love You"

Romantic Valentine's Gift

The next romantic gift idea is a jar of love. You don't need to take it out budget Great for making this gift, just write on colored paper or origami and fill in the reasons you love your partner. Then roll it up and put the paper in a pretty jar tied with a ribbon.

You can write anything for your partner. To make it more romantic, you can prepare more paper and write “365 Reasons Why I Love You”. Don't forget to ask your partner to open one roll of paper every day. How? Very romantic isn't it?

Playlist of songs for you and your partner

Romantic Valentine's Gift

A gift that is no less simple but very romantic is playlists song. Even if you're not a musician and can't compose songs for your partner, you can still give your partner gifts through songs. The method is quite easy, you just collect the songs that you often listen to or songs that contain your feelings for the doi.

Collect the song into a playlists and make a title playlists romantic ones. You can also add a photo of you and your partner. After that, send it playlists the. Guaranteed, the doi will be happy with your gift.

Cookies or Homemade Cake

For those of you who have a hobby of cooking or baking, It's time you put your skills to use. Make biscuits or cookies as your Valentine's gift. To be more special, you can form letter patterns and arrange them into special sentences for the doi.

Don't forget, decorate and wrap it in a beautiful box. Your partner will definitely love to eat your homemade cake.

Explosion Box or Scrapbook


The last gift is explosion box or scrapbook. Explosion box is a box shaped into a gift and made of cardboard. Usually, it is made by stacking several layer cardboard to make it strong. Now, for the contents of the explosion box, you can be creative by inserting photos, letters, words, pictures, and others.

Not much different from explosion box, scrapbook is also a gift made of cardboard and shaped into a book or album. Usually contains photos of memories and writings for your partner.

This gift idea is very interesting for you to give to your partner because it contains your moments and journey so far. Your partner must be happy to see it!

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Those are some romantic gift ideas for Valentine. If you have found the gift you want to give, now is the time to prepare the money to buy it. There is still time to prepare your money. 

If you have trouble separating money for gifts, you can use the Whiz Finance App. There are many features that you can use to help manage finances. So, you don't have to worry anymore if you want to separate your money.