Managing Housewives' Finances: How, huh?

Managing Housewife Finances – As a housewife, managing family finances is very important. Because household needs can cost you a lot of money, you can unknowingly make more expenses. Moreover, if there is an emergency or you want to save, it will feel like you don't have enough money to meet these needs.

Therefore, it's a good idea to start managing your household finances as best you can. Well, Whiz has prepared some tips for managing the finances of housewives so that you can manage your family finances more efficiently. Come on, read some of the following tips!

How to Manage Household Finances

how to manage household finances

Make Financial Details

Making financial details will really help you in managing household finances. By recording the income and expenses that you make in a certain time, such as within a month, you will get an idea of what transactions you make.

Thus, using these financial details, you can control the expenses you make during the month.

Calculating Family Income

Calculating family income such as main and additional income, will make it easier for you to make family financial details. By looking at the total amount of your family's income for a month, you can easily allocate a certain amount of family money to meet major needs such as paying for electricity or the installments that the family has.

Make a Monthly Shopping Plan

Of course, every household has needs that must be met every month. You should make a monthly shopping plan that suits your family's needs and income so that there is no swelling in your monthly spending.

To help you make a monthly shopping plan, you can record what your family needs and record the prices for these needs. This can help you reduce unnecessary expenses.

Shop When There's a Discount

In addition to making a monthly shopping plan, shopping when there are big discounts can help you keep expenses down! Discount programs during national holidays such as Lebaran and Christmas or during warehouse cleaning can be the right time to take advantage of the falling prices for shopping necessities.

However, of course there are no big discounts every month, so don't get carried away with the discount atmosphere every time you shop, OK!

Save Electricity Usage

Without realizing it, expenses to pay for home electricity can swell, you know. Try to always pay attention to the use of family electricity. Turn off unnecessary electronic equipment, such as unnecessary lights during the day, turn off the television when no one is watching, and so on.

Even though it seems small, if you make it a habit to pay attention to electricity usage at home, your spending on electricity payments can decrease. Don't forget to remind your spouse and children to turn off their electronic devices when they are done.

Prepare an Emergency Fund

In addition to making a monthly spending plan, put some of your income as an emergency fund. This will make it easier for you to allocate money just in case you are required to spend money for emergencies such as sick children, damaged home facilities or other unexpected things.

In addition, the emergency fund account should be separated from the account for expenses so as not to get mixed up.

Limit Snacks outside the Home

Not only children who like to snack outside the home, you and your partner of course also have the urge to snack. It's not that you can't, but it's limited according to the family's financial ability, yes! Don't let snacks for the family's needs become unfulfilled. It's even better if you can make the snacks yourself by just buying the ingredients and making them at home. You and your family's wishes are fulfilled without having to spend extra money.

Save, save and save!

Saving is important in managing finances. By saving, you can have money to fulfill your and your family's desires without using money for family needs. This savings can later be used for vacations, buying a house, or a new vehicle.

In addition, as a mother, you can also educate children in terms of saving.

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Although every family has different income and expenses, hopefully the tips above can serve as an illustration of what can be done to manage family finances well. To assist you in managing family finances, the Whiz Financial App. offers many interesting features, you know!