This is the Right Way to Manage 7 Million Salary Finance!

How to Manage Finances – As adults, we have jobs that certainly provide income. As his career progressed, his salary also increased. With an increase in salary, we must be able to manage our finances so that our needs are still met and our savings are filled.

There are several ways to manage finances for a salary of 7 million that you can apply. Especially if you are a young person who does not have family responsibilities. The important thing is, you have to adjust your financial situation with financial management, yes. This is how to manage finances with a salary of 7 million that you can apply. Come on, see!

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7 Ways to Manage Finances with a Salary of 7 million

how to manage finances

1. Determine the Nominal of Your Needs 

First, of course you have to calculate how many basic needs you have to spend each month. Roughly calculate your nominal needs, or set a nominal percentage target. The important thing is, spend money on needs according to your calculations, yes!

2. Record Financial Flow

To keep your finances well-managed, you need to know where your money is going. Record your financial flow, such as income, expenses, and information. Write it down in a notebook. You can also take notes in the memo feature on your phone or in a finance app! By making financial records, you can evaluate your financial flow.

3. Create Financial Targets

Whatever your salary, you must still set financial targets! This financial target can make you always on track and wise in financial activities. Make certain targets, such as nominal savings, buying something within a certain period of time, and so on. You also have the motivation to set aside money!

4. Always set aside money to save

Don't forget, set aside money for savings. You can set aside money for many things, such as an emergency fund, certain desires, or just saving. By saving, you can be more free in managing finances because you already have savings. You also don't need to be afraid when something unexpected happens because you already have savings.

5. Keep Savings!

Whatever your salary, saving is number one! Stay frugal and avoid consumptive and impulsive behavior. This can keep you from being wise in using money. If you go crazy a little, the result is not kidding, you know! 

6. Apply System 10% 

Ever heard of the 10% system? This system is applied in spending money for entertainment. For example, with a salary of 7 million, the percentage that you should use for entertainment is 10% from 7 million, which is 700 thousand. You can apply the 10% system to anything beyond your basic needs!

7. Always set aside money for investment

In addition to saving, of course you are also encouraged to invest. Set aside your money to enter the investment of your choice. Adjust the form of investment and the nominal with your financial goals. This is so that in a few years the multiple of your savings can keep up with financial inflation! 

Example of Money Calculation for 7 Million Salaries

According to, you can allocate a percentage of your finances this way. First, allocate 2.5–10% of your salary to charity. Second, if you have certain installments or savings, you can use a maximum of 35% from your salary. Third, invest your money to save at least 10% from your salary. Fourth, use a maximum of 10% from your salary for vacation. The rest, use for daily needs. If you can still save money and have money left over, that's great!

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That's how to manage finances that you can do when your salary is 7 million. Stay frugal and manage your finances wisely, OK!