how to manage financial salary 10 million

How to Set up a 10 Million Salary Finance

How to Manage 10 Million Salary Finance – Are you one of the people who have experienced or often experience 'passage pay'? This condition is a condition where our salary seems never enough, want a salary of 6 million, 7 million, even 10 million per month as if it is never enough to fulfill our monthly 'wants'.

How do you manage your 10 million salary? Well, now Whiz will share some tips on how to manage finances for a salary of 10 million for those of you who have a salary of approximately 10 million per month. Let's look at the tips together:

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How to Set up a 10 Million Salary Finance

how to manage financial salary 10 million

Use the 50-30-20 . Concept

If you are confused about what the 50-30-20 Concept is, it is a revenue sharing concept for the use of income that is intended for primary needs such as food, shelter, expenses, etc.; saving needs; to installment and investment needs. However, the amount of this concept can vary from person to person, there are several concepts that are widely used such as 40-30-30 (40% primary needs, 30% savings, and 30% installments) to 40-30-20-10 (40% primary needs, 30% installments, 20% savings, and 10% alms). Use a concept that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Generate Expense and Income Report

How to manage the next 10 million salary finances is to make expense and income reports. Sometimes we often underestimate small expenses, Rp. 5,000, - or Rp. 10,000, - is money that is sometimes not big for us. However, this sometimes becomes a problem in itself when we have 'wasted' 10x IDR 10,000, - or 30x IDR. 10,000, - for things that are not visible (parking, taxes, to other non-essential needs).

This has become a clear reason for us to always prepare reports on our expenses and income. This report is intended to let us know how much money has come into us and how much has been spent so that we can limit or even avoid unnecessary expenses.

Have a Minimum of 2 Saving Accounts

Sometimes we may think, why must have many bank accounts? Even though only one has started to 'dry'. However, this actually prevents you from running out of money in the middle of the month. Why is that? This is because we have divided our income into two different accounts, one for primary needs and one for savings.

It aims to set aside money for savings from primary needs, so that we don't 'dark eyes' when we see that there is still a lot of nominal money in our savings. You can simply use your primary savings to shop for your daily needs and leave the other accounts as savings.

Set aside funds for investment

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to set aside money for investment? Well, then you must be able to set aside funds for investment. Why is that? Because by setting aside funds for investment, at least you will feel some benefits such as ensuring future needs, additional income from investment results, until the peak reaches financial freedom. So, what are you waiting for?

Reduce Hedon's Lives!

One of the hardest things to avoid, hedon life! Yes! In this fast-paced era, the convenience of shopping has become a part of life for almost everyone in the world. This encourages the hedon lifestyle that continues to develop in the community. If you are learning to manage finances, then you should avoid this kind of lifestyle. Start dividing your income with the concepts previously described to use your income for investment.

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If you're still confused about how to manage 10 million salary finances, let's download the Whiz financial application. Now, the Whiz Financial App. has a feature whose name is auto recording which can help you record all your financial activities. Simple right?