how to manage finances salary 2 million

How to Manage Finance 2 Million Salary: Guaranteed Accurate!

How to Manage 2 Million Salary Finance – For some people, having a salary of 2 million is quite mediocre, yes. It's a waste of time to save, just for daily needs sometimes it's confusing. But it's not impossible FYI people who earn 2 million can have savings. Wow, how do you do that? The Whiz Finance application has a way to manage 2 million salary finances for you!

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7 Ways to Manage 2 Million Salary Finance

how to manage finances salary 2 million

Looking for the Right Method 

Finding a method for your finances is an important strategy for you to do. There are several methods to manage your finances with a small salary, you know.

The first method is the 50/30/20 method. With this method you can divide your income into 50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings. Well, for more details, you can see the article here.

The next method is the 80/20 method. You can do this method if you feel that you need a lot in a month and you can also hold down the post of desire. With this method you can use 80% for needs and 20% for savings. So, what method is suitable for your finances?

Making Priority Scale

If you have found a method for your finances. It's time for you to prioritize. Separate things that you think are urgent and things that you don't need.

By making a priority scale, you can resist consumptive desires. There's nothing there are more sprees at the beginning of the month. After getting a salary, you must allocate it strictly according to your priority scale posts.

Cut Small Expenditures

how to manage finances salary 2 million

When creating a financial budget, small expenses will appear, such as cable TV subscriptions, streaming applications, and so on. Cut small expenses like that so that they can be used for more important purposes or for savings.

Making financial reporting

Making financial reports needs to be done in managing finances. Financial statements usually contain your monthly income or income and your expenses for one month. Make financial reports in detail and neat. If you are confused about an example of making a financial report, you can see an example here!.

Financial reports are very useful as your evaluation material in managing finances. You can also make a financial budget for next month from this month's financial report.

Avoiding Unnecessary Credit

Currently, there are many online credit offers that are very tempting. Especially with the shopping system pay later. You have to be careful and even avoid it. With a salary of 2 million, don't let your expenses swell and your salary is used up to pay debts.

You can take credit to buy things you really need and have the benefit of increasing your income. For example, buying a laptop to increase income as a freelancer.

Providing a Special Account

Some people choose to open a special account to save their money so that it is not used consumptively. Well, you can also use this method to separate your needs and savings posts. This way you can keep your money from being used up.

how to manage finances salary 2 million

If you find it difficult to create a special account, you can use the Whiz Financial Application which has the Pockets feature. With this feature you can separate your money according to its use. Very easy right?

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Well, those are some ways to manage 2 million salary finances. You can take advantage of the features of the Whiz Finance Application to manage your finances. With this application you not need to be complicated again to manage finances. There are so many benefits that you can use and certainly make it very easy for you.