Getting Rid of Consumptive Behavior: How do you do it?

Nowadays, a person can easily shop by just using their mobile phone. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology development that makes it easier for us to do our activities, many of us have started to have consumptive behavior. So, how do you get rid of that consumptive behavior?

How To Get Rid Of Consumptive Behavior

Don't worry, there are many ways and steps you can take to break away from consumptive behavior. Check out the explanation below!

1. Make a Shopping Budget

The first step you can take to break away from consumptive behavior is to create a budget. By setting a budget, you will be forcing yourself to calculate expenses long before you will spend the money. 

That way, you will know exactly what your primary, secondary, and tertiary needs are in a certain period of time. As a result, you will be more motivated to save money, spend only moderately, and not spend money on things that are not important.

2. Saving

In addition to making a budget, saving is also one of the most effective ways to reduce consumptive behavior. When you save, some of your money will be stored safely and you will only use it when in an emergency, an important need, or your saving target has been achieved.

As previously mentioned, you can save for the things you want. Instead of maintaining consumptive behavior and spending money unwisely, saving will teach you self-control, discipline, and frugality.

In this way, you will start to get rid of consumptive behavior, and still get the things you want

3. Create a Priority Scale

Everyone has a different priority scale. However, the difference in priority scale does not mean you can spend money unwisely and become consumptive. 

Supposedly, by having a good priority scale, you will be able to escape this consumptive behavior. 

The priority scale in managing personal finances can be in the form of spending priorities that you have to do every month. Suppose that spending on food and transportation is more important than spending on travel and entertainment.

The priority scale will help you make decisions in spending money wisely, and keep you from consumptive behavior.

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4. Discipline in Managing Finance

The attitude you must take when you want to be free from consumptive behavior is discipline. You must be disciplined in managing your finances, run the monthly budget that you have made, be diligent in saving, and continue to rely on the priority scale that you have made.

Don't make a monthly budget, save diligently, and stick to your priorities, but still spend money on things that aren't important.

5. Increase Self Awareness

Sometimes this consumptive behavior comes from an impulsive impulse, both from oneself and from others. It's not entirely your fault, but it's not something that can't be avoided, you know!

If you fall into the category of people who are easily influenced by the impulses or impulses of others or yourself, avoid dealing with those impulsive triggers. For example, if you tend to easily shop for bags and take things out for it, avoid walking in places that will make it easier for you to buy a bag. In addition, also avoid using applications that also make it easier for you to buy bags.

By having good self-awareness, it will be easier for you to break away from consumptive behavior.

6. Committed

After all that is done, starting from the budget, saving, prioritizing, being disciplined and having good self-awareness, you must be committed to running it all. Not only because you have succeeded in getting rid of consumptive behavior, you leave all these habits. 

These ways, steps, and habits are habits that you must stick to throughout your life to keep yourself from consumptive behavior. Because, if you often leave these habits, there is a possibility that you will return to consumptive behavior. So, stay committed to continuing to run it, yes!

Those are the steps and ways you can take apart from consumptive behavior. Are you ready to give it a try? We believe you can!

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