This is How Kindergarten Children Learn to Read: Must Try!

After toddlerhood, children are ready to learn many things about the world. Entering the age of entering kindergarten, children have started to learn to recognize letters and read. Therefore, at this time, parents and the environment play a role to help them learn

To learn new things, of course, it takes extra time to go through it. It also takes the help of the closest people to be able to learn to read. However, not all methods are liked by children.

The following are recommendations on how to learn to read for kindergarten children. Come on, see the following explanation!

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6 Ways to Learn to Read Kindergarten Children

how to learn to read kindergarten children

1. Prepare Interesting Reading Facilities

The first thing parents can do is to prepare interesting reading learning facilities. Children easily lose focus and feel bored. So, learning facilities must be fun so that children enjoy learning. 

Prepare facilities such as picture books, stickers, and other tools that can support children's curiosity. The colorful amenities are also recommended!

2. Starting from the acquaintance of letters and sounds

To be able to teach children, familiarize children with introducing sounds and letters first. First, try to identify the letters of each alphabet. You can introduce them through word of mouth while they are doing other activities. Or, you can also play interesting alphabet music or videos.

3. Teach Simple Sentences First

When the child is able to spell, teach the child to read the sentence. Teach sentences that have a simple structure, such as dad eats fruit. After the child has mastered it, then teach complex sentences. 

4. Creative Learning

When learning, of course there are times when children feel bored. Therefore, provide a creative way of learning. For example, teach children to memorize the alphabet or spell letters with fun games. The important thing is not to force the child to continue learning. Give him a break to play, games that can help him remember his reading lessons.

5. Avoid Reading Digital Text

According to Zenius, there is a study conducted by Anne Mangen on reading with digital text. As a result, reading with printed text is more efficient than digital text. This is because with printed text, children can read slowly and sequentially. 

Although the world cannot be separated from digital technology, as much as possible, teach children with printed books first, okay!

6. Give Rewards so that children are motivated

The most difficult thing in helping children learn is growing children's motivation. Therefore, in addition to creating fun learning situations and media, also reward them for their hard work.

Give child rewarding every time it is finished or fluent reading. Rewards can be given in any form, which is fun for the child. You can use the features rewarding which is in the Whiz financial app too, FYI!

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That's a recommendation on how to learn to read for kindergarten children that you can try. Take it slow, okay? Children must have their own time to develop. Most importantly fun! 

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