how to make a family tree

Benefits of Making A Family Tree, Here's How To Make It!

How to Make a Family Tree – Do not deny, as the child's curiosity develops, they will ask about the family tree. Creating a family tree can be a way for parents to introduce family members. Because recognizing the family tree is sometimes a difficult thing for your little one to explain through stories.

Quoting on the article Orami, Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America explaining the family tree can define the biological relationships of the family. It can also be used to record the life of a family. There are many benefits of making family tree pictures, which parents can create with their little ones.

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What is a Family Tree

A family tree is a picture of family members made in the form of a tree and its branches. Through this family tree, parents can show children the hierarchical structure in the family that represents the status and history of each family member. Parents can include their name, photo, date of birth to date of death, and other interesting information.

Parents can start with a simple family tree first, where only the parents and children in the nuclear family appear. Later it was developed with a larger scope and included several generations of the family tree.

How to make a family tree

Making a family tree picture is one way that can build a child's identity. Besides being fun, this method can also make it easier for parents to illustrate family history to their little ones.

Want to know how to make a family tree picture with your little one? Come on, see the explanation below!

1. Gather information about family

To create a family tree, you have to collect all the information about the family. The names of aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, and the order from the younger generation to the older generation.

Find all family history information, such as photos and diaries. Make clippings of all the information obtained to make it easier to sort them.

2. Dig up information with relatives

If you still lack information, you can dig up information with relatives to complete it. Ask relatives, such as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts about their family history.

Create and structure questions about family tree. This can really help parents in gathering information, you know!

3. Write down all the information on paper

After gathering all the family tree information, you can start writing everything down on paper. Make sure all names, dates of birth and death, and other interesting information are accurate. Write down the first 5 generations when creating the family tree.

Tidy up all the information that has been written, because this will make it easier for parents to make family tree pictures.

4. Add photo

Make family tree pictures more interesting and lively by adding photos in them. Add all photos of family members if available.

Example of Family Tree Pictures

After collecting all the information and tidying it up, you can make a family tree picture with various creations so that your little one is more interested. Here are some examples of family tree image creation ideas that parents and their little ones try.

1. Palms Family Tree

how to make a family tree

This family tree is made using colorful paper in the shape of palms of different sizes. This fun activity can increase your little one's creativity in making a family tree with parents, you know!


  1. Paperboard
  2. Colorful paper (origami)
  3. Glue
  4. Tape 
  5. Whiteboard marker

How to make:

  1. Make a palm pattern on colorful paper
  2. Cut the paper according to the palm pattern
  3. Write down all profiles in each palm pattern
  4. Paste the palm pattern on the cardboard and draw a tree trunk using a marker
  5. Glue all the hand patterned paper on top of the cardboard

2. Peekaboo Family Tree

how to make a family tree

Peekaboo family trees are a simple and fun way for your little one to interact with the family tree. This method is fairly simple, you only need to make various shapes and paste them on the wall.


  1. Paperboard
  2. Labels and markers
  3. Family member photo
  4. Glue
  5. colorful paper

How to make:

  1. Take a colorful paper and write down the names of family members
  2. Make a tree using cardboard on the wall
  3. Cut colorful paper with various shapes and paste it on the wall in the shape of a tree
  4. Stick a label on each colorful paper so that it closes and let your little one open the labels one by one to see them.

Benefits of Making a Family Tree

There are many benefits that your little one gets by making family tree pictures, such as:

  1. Educational tools for children to know the family tree
  2. Increase children's self-confidence and creativity
  3. Children know more about the history and memories of themselves and their families
  4. Respecting fellow family ancestors
  5. Preserving family history
  6. Forming a child's identity
  7. Strengthen the relationship of family members

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Family are the most important people in life. Therefore, making a family tree is a fun and equally important way for parents to try with their little ones so that they are more familiar with family history.

Well, that's how to make and various benefits for your little one in making a family tree using a family tree.