Come on, take a peek! 8 Ways to Pay Off Debt Carefully

How to Pay Off Debt Carefully – Have a Whizmate ever been in debt? Finding the right way to pay off debt can ease your financial burden. However, the way you do it must be adjusted first with other expenses. 

Debt is indeed a significant financial burden. Not infrequently, many people fall ill because of thinking about debt. Indeed, we are not encouraged to go into debt. However, sometimes the limitations of conditions require us to do so.

It would be nice if the debt must be paid off immediately in order to reduce your financial burden. That way, financial conditions will be more stable without the need to pay off debt again. However, is there a certain way to pay off debt?

For more details, let's look at 8 ways to pay off debt carefully below!

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8 Ways to Pay Off Debt Carefully

pay off debt

1. Strengthen Intention and Determination

The debt burden that Whizmate has must be a burden in itself. Especially if you know the total debt burden. It can make you afraid you won't be able to pay it off on time.

For that, you have to be calm. Also strengthen the Whizmate's intention when paying it off. Try to stay clear and positive. If not, it could be that you will fall ill and actually hinder the process of paying off debt.

However, Whizmate also still has to think about all the consequences that might occur, it can even interfere with meeting daily needs for the sake of paying off debts quickly.

2. Make a Detailed List of Debts

create debt details

This method is also quite important. Recording or detailing a list of debts is done so that you can know the exact amount of debt that must be paid. You can record each type of debt and attach the nominal amount.

That way, you will be able to plan the right allocation of money to pay off debt without ignoring basic needs.

In addition, by detailing the list of debts, Whizmate can determine the priority of debts that must be paid first.

3. Routinely Set aside money

set aside money

Well, if you have made a detailed list of debts, the next way is to try regularly to set aside money.

Then, the saving activity is disrupted, right? Eits! No, please! The money you set aside can be used to save and pay off debt at the same time. As long as you can manage your finances so that they can be allocated according to the priority scale. 

In addition, you can determine each percentage of the allocation of money according to your current financial condition. So, Whizmate can save, but don't forget to keep paying off debts and other installments, okay!

4. Develop Priority Scale

priority scale to pay off debt

This method has actually been slightly mentioned in the previous point. So, try to detail the list of debts that have been written based on a priority scale. 

Make sure to pay off debts that you feel are important to pay off first. However, Whizmate also has to pay off other debts, yes, with a more minimal payment method. That way you can pay off various debts effectively and efficiently.

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5. Take Over Credit

If you feel that debts have become a burden and are difficult to pay off, there is nothing wrong with doing it take over credit. 

The trick, you can resell the vehicle or goods that are still in installments to be continued to new buyers. In addition to reducing the burden, you can also get fresh funds for extra money.

6. Looking for Additional Income

By having additional income, Whizmate will get additional funds to pay off debts. In addition, you also have the opportunity to pay off debt faster. 

Well, if the debt is paid off, you can still get money from the job. That way, the money can be allocated for savings or emergency funds in the future.

7. Selling Unused Items

how to pay off debt carefully

Do you have items that are no longer used? Well, you can sell it, you know! Don't worry because now there are many shops preloved which specializes in selling used goods. 

You can also take advantage of platform social media and e-commerce to promote the goods so that they are sold in a short time. 

For the first step, you can offer goods to the closest people first. After that, you can promote it more widely. 

Besides being able to make money and pay off debt, those items no longer accumulate in your house. Wow, that's interesting, Whizmate!

8. Don't Go Back in Debt!

This last method looks simple, but it is important. So, you are not at all recommended to go back into debt. This can make your debts accumulate and pay off in a longer time.

It would be nice for Whizmate to start changing their lifestyle. Starting from avoiding debt to not being tempted by installment offers. That way, the money can be used to save or meet basic needs.

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That's 8 ways to pay off debt carefully. Maybe the points look simple, but it will definitely be useful to implement.

In addition to changing your lifestyle and avoiding debt, Whizmate also needs to start studying financial literacy, you know. 

For that, you can use the Whiz financial application.. In the application, you will be presented with various features that can help you manage finances. That way, your financial condition will be more controlled, and you can even avoid going into debt.