How to request Whiz Balance

How to Request Whiz Balance, Practical and Easy!

How to Request Whiz Balance – Confused about how to ask your parents for pocket money in a practical way? Or are parents worried about their child's expenses? Calm down, app Whiz here to answer your problems! In the Whiz app, children can submit money to their parents with just 2 taps! Parents can also provide pocket money more easily!

With our Request on Whiz, the child can ask the balance to the parent. Curious how? Come on, see the following steps!

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How to Request Whiz Balance

Children can easily and quickly ask their parents for pocket money with the features Request in the Whiz app. Here's how to request a Whiz balance:

1. Click the Request menu on the Home Whiz

Open the Whiz app, then click menu Request on Home Whiz.

2. Enter Data, then click Confirm

How to request Rocket Pocket Balance

Enter Parents' Name and Mobile Number, select the destination for the money request, and enter the nominal balance you want.

You can also write down the reason for requesting money. After that, click Confirmation.

3. Balance Request Submitted Successfully!

Balance request successful!

So easy right? Now, the parent needs to approve the child's balance request. Here are the steps!

How to Approve a Balance Request

Parents don't need to bother anymore, just give their children pocket money in the following way!

1. Click the Request Menu on the Whiz Beranda Home

Open the Whiz application, then click menu Request on Home Whiz.

2. Click Status Menu to View Request

You can check all the requisitions on the page!

3. Select the request you want to approve, then click Fulfill Request

View Request Details. Then, click Fulfill Request.

4. Complete the Data, then click Confirm

Next, you will be directed to the completed transfer page. Make sure the recipient's name, recipient's cellphone number and transfer amount are as requested, and select a category Fulfill Request.

You can also enter a message for the recipient. Then, click Confirmation.

5. Balance request has been successfully granted!

Balance request has been successfully granted!

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Well, that's how to ask for a Whiz balance. Practical right? Come on, start using Whiz and enjoy all its exciting features!