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7 Ways to Save 10 Million in 3 Months

How to Save 10 Million in 3 Months – Can we save 10 million in 3 months? I guess, how do you do it? Many people always want to set aside money even though they have a mediocre income because it can be useful for both the long and short term.

As the saying goes, nothing is impossible as long as we are willing to try. The same goes for saving. Although the target of saving 10 million in 3 months is quite high, it is not impossible for you to achieve that target, FYI!

For this reason, the ability to manage finances must also be applied so that the saving target can be met. Then, how? Come on, see 7 ways to save 10 million in the following 3 months!

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7 Ways to Save 10 Million in 3 Months

how to save 10 million in 3 months

1. Set up Two Different Accounts

Before saving, it would be better if you set up two different accounts. This method aims so that you can allocate money wisely.

You can use the first account for daily needs and the second account can be used for saving and cannot be contested. This can prevent excessive use of money. Later, the money that cannot be contested can become a future savings fund or an emergency fund.

2. Consistent to Save

10 million in 3 months

Consistent attitude is one of the keys to saving. How not, if you are always consistent in saving discipline, the savings target will be achieved. Avoid "absent" saving unless your situation is in dire need of money.

Perhaps, many think that not saving in one day is not a problem. Because the savings can be multiplied in the future. However, this thought turned out to be wrong. That thought actually makes you delay saving and get used to an inconsistent attitude.

3. Separate Money for Savings and Daily Needs

Well, this one way is no less important, FYI,. When you save, make sure that your daily needs will not be missed either. That way, you have to separate the money to save and what to spend.

This method will help you discipline in transactions. Budget daily needs will not be disturbed and the savings will be safer.

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4. Create a Table for Saving

saving table 10 million
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To get 10 million in 3 months, of course, is not easy to start. Big results in a short time of course require us to be able to save with a large nominal as well. 

The problem is, many people are not used to setting aside large amounts of money at once. For that, Whizmate can start getting used to saving with a small nominal first. For example, starting with a nominal 50 thousand. 

If you are used to it and your financial condition is also stable, Whizmate can increase the nominal savings gradually. To make things easier, you can use a saving table. That way, you will start to get used to the cycle of saving that you have arranged.

5. Creating a Priority Scale of Needs

Saving is not just about setting aside money, you know. Whizmate is also required to set priorities for each need. Because, often we buy something that we don't really need. 

Thus, a priority scale is needed to see which needs must be met first. Meanwhile, you can fulfill other needs that are not urgent at a later date.

6. Self-Education with Taxes

get 10 million in 3 months

Educating yourself with taxes is also important, you know. How come? Consciously or not, all the things we buy must be related to taxes. So, its binding with our various needs. For example, vehicle taxes to other goods.

With the tax, the goods we buy also have a higher price. We must prevent this by controlling spending. That way, there is money that can be set aside for savings.

7. Apply 30 Days Rule

This last method is quite interesting. Because, you can apply 30 Days Rule to help with the saving process. This method can control impulsive thoughts when you want to buy something.

The step you can take is to postpone the purchase of something for 30 days. Because, indirectly, you are invited to contemplate whether the item you want to buy is really needed or vice versa.

If you don't really need it, you can definitely skip the 30 day deadline. Because, not infrequently if you hold yourself back for 30 days, you might forget or even don't want something anymore.

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That's 7 ways to save 10 million in 3 months. You can adjust whichever method is most suitable for preparing your saving plan.

In addition to saving, you also need to manage finances so that expenses and income can be more regular. To be more practical, you can use the Whiz Money Management App

Interesting features Whiz will help you to manage finances to achieve the expected financial targets!