Economical Ways to Manage Monthly Money

Smart Ways to Manage Monthly Finances, You Must Know!

Smart Ways to Manage Monthly Finances – Managing your monthly budget can be a challenge, especially if you have numerous uncontrolled expenses. 

However, don't worry; Whiz has some tips that can help you save and manage your monthly budget. Pay close attention to these tips and make sure not to miss the last one, which can transform how you save into something more effective and profitable!

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Tips on How to Save and Manage Your Monthly Budget

1. Create a realistic budget plan

Economical Ways to Manage Monthly Money

The first step is to create a budget plan. Record all your income and expenses every month. This way, you can more easily see where your money is actually going and decide where you can save.

To be more effective, identify your regular expenses and allocate your money wisely. This will help you control your finances.

2. Use the 50-30-20 Rule

Apply the 50-30-20 rule in managing your finances. Allocate 50% for essential needs, 30% for personal desires, and the remaining 20% for savings. 

With this principle, you can use your money for various purposes while still setting aside funds for savings.

3. Use Money Management Apps

Utilize technology to support your financial management. Financial apps and digital banking features can provide insight, monitor expenses, and help you create a better financial plan.

One app with various functions that you can use is Whiz. You can save, manage your money, view expenditure and income history, and use it as a payment tool. The Whiz app is very useful for managing your monthly budget.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Debt

Who's tempted to borrow or use payday loans? Debt can be a heavy burden if not managed well. 

Start avoiding unnecessary debts and try to pay bills on time. Maintaining your financial health also means staying away from unproductive debts.

5. Try Smart Saver and Get 6.75% Interest

In addition to helping you manage your finances, the Whiz app also provides the Smart Saver feature. 

Whiz Smart Saver is a long-term savings product (deposit) from Whiz in collaboration with the People's Economy Bank (BPR), offering a high guaranteed interest rate of 6.75% by the LPS (Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation). 

You can deposit your money for periods ranging from 1 month, 3 months, up to 12 months with an automatic extension option. No need to worry about security; Smart Saver is safe because it is guaranteed by the LPS and supervised by the OJK. With Smart Saver, you can optimize your savings potential.

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Those are the ways to save and manage your monthly budget. Remember that small changes in daily spending habits can have a big impact on long-term finances. With consistency and commitment, you can achieve your financial goals faster than you think.

Try Smart Saver to help you reach your financial goals faster.