Here, 7 Ways to Save 5000 Rupiah Pocket Money

How to Save Snack Money 5000 – Do you sometimes get confused if you have 5000 pocket money, so how do you save it?

Saving does not mean you can only save money with a large nominal. But, it turns out you can start saving with a small nominal. Even if you only have 5000.

Whizmates must think that 5000 is not much. But, actually the money can be used to save, you know. There are various tips that can be used to take advantage of 5000 pocket money.

No need to be confused and worried, because Whizmin wants to give you 7 tips that you can use to save with 5000 pocket money. Listen, let's go!

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How to Save Snack Money 5000

How to Save Snack Money 5000

1. Ask for Snack Money Once a Week

If you think about it, 5000 is not much. But, if you ask for a weekly basis, this could be an alternative for saving!

At least, you will earn 35000 per week. That way, you can set aside 10000 to 15000. If you calculate it per month you can collect 40000 to 60000. Not bad, right? Soon to be a hill!

2. Set a Target!

How to Save Snack Money 5000

Starting yourself to save is a tough thing. However, setting a target can be an encouragement so that you are consistent in saving.

So, what are the targets? You can start small. It can be in the form of goods or dreams that you want to realize. Everything depends on your own will.

That way, the target you have set will always be a reminder to set aside some pocket money.

3. Buy a Good Piggy Bank!

How to Save Snack Money 5000

Are you a fan of a certain cartoon? Like Iron Man? Or Elsa Frozen? This can be one way that makes you diligent in saving.

You can ask your parents to buy a piggy bank with a cartoon image. Don't forget to buy with good materials, okay! Because, you will feel pity to open the piggy bank.

So, you can achieve your saving target!

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4. Ask Mama Papa to save your piggy bank

If the previous points don't work, you can ask mama and papa to save your piggy bank. Because, it can avoid your will to open a piggy bank and spend it.

You can ask for help to put money into the piggy bank or when you want to open it.

5. Don't Snack First, Set aside Money First!

Sometimes, we can't stop ourselves from eating snacks. Because if you have a snack, you might go too far to spend the money.

It would be better if you set aside the money first. The rest, you can use for snacks. So, saving money is the main priority.

6. Reduce Snacks Outside!

If the previous method didn't work, it's a good idea to reduce your snacks outside. So, rather than snacking too much and your money is not safe, you better start eating less. Because, you also have to remember that you have a target for saving.

It must be difficult, but if you do it with the intention, you can do it. Trust me!

7. Bring supplies? No need to worry!

How to Save Snack Money 5000

Still related to the previous point. Reducing snacks outside can be overcome by bringing supplies from home. This method is believed to be one of the most powerful methods, you know.

Because besides being able to save money, you can also eat food that is guaranteed to be healthy and clean. Not only the food, but the place to eat that you use will also be hygienic!

What's more, it's made with love and affection from mom and dad. Must try, here!

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So, those are 7 ways to save 5000 pocket money. By knowing some of the tips above, you will no longer be confused about saving 5000 pocket money. Even though the money is not much, you will feel the benefits of saving activities.

To make it easier, you can also use financial applications, one of which is the Whiz Money Management App! The entry and exit of money will be seen clearly and in detail through this application.

In addition, Whiz can also be used for payment applications, you know! So, it doesn't hurt to try the Whiz Financial Application and feel the benefits through the features in it.