how to save on kitchen shopping

How to Save on Groceries, 100% Guaranteed Fridge is Still Full!

How to Save on Groceries - In recent times, the price of cooking oil has skyrocketed. Additionally, increases in the prices of other necessities accompanied the rise in oil prices. According to family finances, the increased daily needs make mothers rack their brains to save money in the kitchen.

Saving money on groceries takes work. Mothers should also pay attention to the nutrition of the food they cook. The way to save money on kitchen shopping is by choosing a place to shop and being smart about processing food. Come on, see 10 ways to save on shopping so the fridge is still full and you still can eat adequately!

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10 Ways to Save on Groceries

The increase in the price of necessities makes you have to be smart about managing finances for your kitchen. Because of that not managing your money, let's look at the following ways to save on groceries.

1. Shopping at the Traditional Market

You can switch to traditional markets if you usually shop monthly at the supermarket. You can get basic needs from spices, vegetables, eggs, fruit, and others there. Traditional markets are the primary choice to get complete requirements at low prices.

how to save on kitchen shopping

You can bargain with the seller until you find the right price. Of course, bargain prices will help you save money on shopping.

2. Wholesale Shopping

To save money on necessities, you can buy large quantities at wholesale agents. You can purchase items for one week or one month's supply. You can keep items in stock for a long time, such as rice, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and others.

By shopping wholesale, you can get a much lower price than the unit price. In addition, you also can go back and forth to the market without a bother.

3. Combine Food

Combining food is very useful for saving money on kitchen shopping. You can use the same seasoning for several dishes. In addition, with food combinations, you can fulfill your family's tastes and save money.

You can buy each food ingredient in small portions but in various ways. Combining food ingredients aims to enrich the vitamins and minerals in the food you will process.

how to save on kitchen shopping

4. Plant Your Own Material

The trend of growing your own cooking ingredients has recently been heard a lot. You can also start growing kitchen ingredients to save on your expenses. Materials that you can plant in your yard, such as chilies, vegetables, onions, galangal, ginger, scallions, and others. 

Quoted from, growing your own ingredients provides many benefits, ranging from being more efficient, healthier, encouraging physical activity, and producing a healthy environment.

5. Not Using Instant Seasoning

Some mothers prefer simple and practical dishes. Usually, they choose to use instant spices for their cooking.

To save money on shopping, you can avoid instant spices and try to mix your seasonings. Besides being more efficient, your spices are fresher and healthier. You can also store the blended spices mashed in the freezer.

6. Make a Grocery List

The main thing you should do to save money on shopping is to make a grocery list. Make a menu list for one week and arrange a shopping list based on the menus that you will make. With these lists, you can avoid overspending.

7. Focus on Needed Groceries

After making a shopping list, you should focus on your needed items. Don't overspend, and don't use it. In the end, you can exclude it from your list.

By focusing on the items you need, you can save on your monthly spending budget.

8. Understand Cooking Tricks

Not only focus on groceries, but you can also save on groceries by understanding cooking tricks.

There are many steps in the cooking process. For example, you are closing the pot when boiling food. Why? Because you will prevent the heat from being wasted. In addition, closing the pot lid will also speed up the heating time so it can save gas.

Apart from the tricks for boiling, you can also apply tricks in the sautéing process. You can turn off the heat before your vegetables are done. This is because the cooking process will continue with the residual heat from the cooking utensils.

9. Store Ingredients Properly

The following way to save on kitchen shopping is to store ingredients properly. Food ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, and meats expire quickly.

Therefore, you must store food ingredients properly, such as putting them in airtight containers and placing them in the refrigerator and freezer.

However, you also need to know that each food has its storage method. For that, seek information from various sources to understand how to store food properly.

10. Make Long Lasting Cuisine

You can apply this method properly! Whizparent can try to cook food that lasts longer but without using preservatives. For example, food menus such as tempeh orek, mustofa potatoes, fried chicken, to pepes fish.

That way, you can save energy and money because you don't have to cook anymore. In this regard, Whizparent is advised to cook dry food so that it minimizes spoilage in the future.

Not only that, you can also save on groceries while managing your family's finances well. By using the Whiz App, you can make it happen! Curious? Read the complete information below!

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Manage Finances to Save with Whiz!

As explained, kitchen purchases also require budget planning. However, the income we have is allocated for more than just kitchen needs. We have to be smart about giving money for other conditions, such as education, children's pocket money, and so on.

For that, we need to manage family finances. Starting from the income earned to expense items. This is expected to make the financial cycle better, so that the allocation is in accordance with the plan.

No need to be confused. You can manage your family's finances through the Whiz App. With money management apps , you can manage family finances more practically. Many features will help you to realize better family finances!

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