how to save to buy a house

How to Save to Buy a House

How to Save to Buy a House How to save to buy a house is important to know from a young age. Why? Because the house will have a higher price every year. By buying it at a young age, you will have an asset that will grow positively. 

In addition, the house also has added value every year. So, you can make it as an investment, you know! 

Buying a house is not an easy thing to do. The reason is, there are many people, including those who are married, do not have a house because the price is expensive. Therefore, saving and committing to do it is one of the right solutions for this. 

In addition to saving, you can also survey several houses. You can do this through a property agent or visit developer home directly. That can make you excited to save, you know! 

So, how do you save money to buy a house? Don't worry! Whiz will present the following information! 

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7 Ways to Save to Buy a Home

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1. Set a Savings Target

Well, if you already intend to save, don't forget to set your saving target. That's quite important, you know! So that each of your saving activities can be aimed at something goals certain.

So, there is a need to achieve the target of saving to buy an item or to get things that really become something goals-your. 

You can apply daily, weekly, and even monthly savings targets. That way, you can better control your financial condition. 

2. Saving at the beginning of the month or the beginning of payday

savings to buy a house

Well, you can start saving at the beginning of the month or when you receive your salary. This means that you have to set aside a portion of your income for savings. For example, you set aside 20% from your salary for savings. 

Maybe you will feel your money is so little to enjoy. However, you will also feel the benefits of your savings in the future.

3. Adopt a Thrifty Lifestyle

In addition to setting targets, you can also live a frugal lifestyle. However, don't sacrifice your health, okay? For example, you choose to hold back your hunger because you eat less. 

You can also refrain from being tempted by various promos and discounts. Because, usually it is only one of the sales tricks so that the product can be sold well. 

If you are not tempted, the money can be allocated for saving. So, you can immediately realize your dream of buying your own home! 

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4. Create 2 Separate Accounts

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For those of you who find it difficult to save, you can try this method. By having two separate accounts, you can separate the money used for shopping and the money to be saved. 

As a result, saving money is not mixed with other money. That way, your finances will be more specifically controlled. 

5. Smart Shopping

Shopping is one of the biggest expenses in financial matters. For that, you need to apply smart shopping methods. How do you do it? 

Well, you can start by writing down the various things that you need. Then, you can use those notes as a benchmark for your shopping activities.

 Choose items that match your notes. Try not to be tempted to buy things that you don't need. You can apply this method when shopping online or offline. 

6. Saving with a certain amount


This one method is quite unique, you know! You can also save by collecting certain nominal fractions, such as ten thousand and twenty thousand. 

So, when you have money with a certain denomination, you will try to put it aside in a certain container. Then, if you have accumulated a lot, you can transfer the money to your personal account. Guaranteed saving can be more fun!

7. Pay Off All Debts First

It's useless if you want to apply the methods of saving previously described, but you still have debt. 

If you still have debt, it would be nice to pay it off immediately. It can be a burden on your mind and make you depressed. 

However, if you pay it immediately, you no longer have to set aside money to pay off debt. That way, saving activities can be done without any worries! 

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That's 7 ways to save money to buy a house. However, in addition to saving, you also have to manage your financial condition so that you can know the in and out of money.

No need to worry, now you can do it via the Whiz money management app. Financial management is guaranteed to be easier and more practical!