How to Manage Your Salary as a Fresh Graduate

For someone who has just graduated from college, the first salary will feel very happy. You will definitely feel proud when you just graduated and got your first salary. But, how to set the salary of fresh graduates? 

Don't get carried away by the feeling of excitement when you receive your first salary in a new office. The desire to buy something must have been thought of long ago. You should hold yourself back and be good at managing money. But how? Check out the following tips!

Adapt to Lifestyle

Everyone has a different lifestyle. With a fresh graduate's salary which is generally not too big, you should be careful in managing your finances.

Not that you have to completely change the lifestyle that you enjoy, more restraint and taking the time to raise money with the aim of buying something that fits your lifestyle is a better option than throwing it away all at once.

In addition, avoid expenses that are not essential or can be avoided. Pay close attention to your income and expenses. Well, how to manage expenses and income is to:

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Create a Personal Budget

Create a personal budget. It's not difficult, you know. Calculate what your needs are in a certain period of time, for example within a month, according to the time you get a salary, then calculate the mandatory expenses you have to do, such as food, transportation, office needs, and dependents for housing if you live alone.

That way, you will have a clear picture of the income you get and the expenses you make each month, according to the salary you have.

Use the 50/30/20 Rule

Maybe you've heard the term 50/30/20 in the world of financial literacy. This principle is often used in financial planning. The meaning of 50/30/20 is how much and how do you divide the income you get within a month according to your needs. This will really help you in making a personal monthly budget

Of the salary, 50 percent is used for basic needs such as daily needs. You will use 30 percent for financial needs such as creating an emergency fund and saving. The remaining 20 percent is used for lifestyle or personal pleasure. 

Using this formula, you can easily set a monthly budget. 


As a fresh graduate, you should already have a good priority scale, in this case for your financial condition. The monthly budget that you make in accordance with the previous tips should also take into account your national priorities. 

For example, you plan to own a house within 15 years of starting your job or plan to replace a new car in the fifth year of your career. It is better if you have determined the conditions and a rational time so that you can achieve that target. 

Don't Forget to Save!

The most basic and easy thing to do as a fresh graduate is to save. By saving, you can make ends meet, have safety net in financial health, and can achieve goals or goals that you have had for a long time.

In addition, by saving you can live more frugally and learn to value the money you have more. When you start setting aside money to save, automatically the money you can use for your desires will decrease by itself.

Therefore, don't forget to save and be diligent in managing finances from the salary you get. 

Here are some tips that we have collected on how to manage fresh graduates' salaries so they can have good financial health! As long as you are patient and diligent in managing your finances, whatever you want to achieve will be achieved in time!

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