The Importance of Self Reward!

Knowing how important self reward is - Self reward may not be an unfamiliar term for many of you since this term is one that anyone can use when they want to give a reward to themselves. It is a gift to yourself.

Generally speaking, self-reward is an appreciation of one's accomplishment. From that definition, self-reward is another form of self-loveIs it important? Certainly. So, what can you do to reward yourself?

To find the answer, let's look at the explanation below. Don't miss it!

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How Important It Is to Reward Oneself

Self reward becomes a critical thing to do when you have succeeded in achieving something in your life. Self reward is also useful as long as you know the limit. self-reward with modest and no budgets needed.

According to, Taken from, some essential notions talk about the importance of self-reward . Let’s read carefully.

To Motivate Oneself

This Is It, The Importance of Rewarding Yourself!

It is common for things to not move according to our plans when we do something. There are many challenges that we have to overcome that drain our energy.

When we get to this stage, it is time to spoil ourselves. You can buy gifts as a reward.

Try getting the simple ones at first. Take care not to be excessive!

A Form of Self Appreciation

This Is It, The Importance of Rewarding Yourself!

It is not uncommon to give a gift to others. It is to provide oneself with a gift that mostly gets forgotten.

Giving oneself a gift is very important. Because such small rewards can raise one's spirits to do better next time, it is a precious source of motivation if one looks at it carefully.

To Serve As a Positive Reinforcement

Do you know what positive reinforcement is? No worries. You will find the answer here if you have yet to learn it. Positive reinforcement is a repeat action done because of a reward for an activity.

For example, when you have done an activity all day, you often watch movies or go to sleep after. That kind of action can be said as a positive reinforcement , if done repeatedly and provides positive results

This kind of attitude, if it continues to grow, can stimulate a more significant effect. That is making you more productive, for example.

Be Free From Stress and Tiredness

Many think self-reward is the most potent medicine to relieve stress and tiredness. Are you one of them?

Isn't it true, though? That self-reward can give us positive energy to unload our stress and tiredness.

Growing Self Love

Don’t you know that the rewards you give to yourself will grow a form of love towards yourself? So, love yourself by giving small rewards in any way you can.

5 Self Rewards For Reference

Playing Games

This Is It, The Importance of Rewarding Yourself!

An example of self-reward is doing things you do a lot. Yeah, it is playing games. Is there anyone who doesn't like playing games? It is an open secret that the majority does.

There are many games you can download for free. You can play those games when you are done with your job as a form of self-reward.

Just try it!

Take a Nap

It is valuable when you can take a nap during your jam-packed schedule. Therefore, pay attention to it. Because sparing time for taking a nap is a form of self-reward.

In between a jam-packed schedule, you should be able to take a fifteen to thirty minutes nap with minimum effort, by taking a rest like that you can keep yourself healthy. Health is the number one priority. Always remember to prioritize self-reward on this one.

Watching Movie or Series

This Is It, The Importance of Rewarding Yourself!

For some people, watching a movie or series is self-rewardWhy is it so? Because when you watch a movie or series that you like, you will feel happy.

That happy feeling will then revive your spirit and energy, so that you can do your activity again with maximum effort.

Playing with Pets

For those of you who have pets, do you agree that playing with your pets is self-rewardif you think so, you are correct. But how come? You can unload your stress by playing with the animal you love.

Moreover, an active pet will make your move too. Something that you may rarely do.


Self reward is something that women like. Isn’t that so?

Going shopping will surely gain your energy back since you must have done window shopping by looking at cute and beautiful things. Shopping will raise your spirits due to having new things to look forward to.

But remember not to overdo it. Limit your purchase according to your budget since being wasteful will not serve as a self-rewardIt is a loss, and you will be stressed thinking about your financial situation soon after.

Regardless of that, you should not worry! If shopping is the most comfortable self-reward you can use the Whiz financial application.This app will help you record your income and expenses, so Whiz will protect your financial condition.

The features are extensive, and you can limit your expenses. You should use the Whiz financial application. to avoid excessive expense.

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Those are the importance of self reward and some instances on what you can do. How is it? Is one of your habits listed there? Or will you do new things after reading the examples? However you will decide for yourself, we hope it will benefit you!