Basic human needs

Getting to know 5 Basic Human Needs

Basic Human Needs - Do you know, Whizmates? As humans, we have one basic need that we must fulfill daily. FYI this basic need motivates us to carry out our need to stay alive. FYIThis basic need is what motivates us to carry out our need to stay alive.

The theory on this basic human need was first brought up by a psychologist and theorist from the USA named Abraham Maslow. Maslow explained five basic human needs in his theory, which is one's instinct to keep fulfilling their necessities. People will try to attain supplementary conditions when basic needs like food and drink have been fulfilled.

And then this basic human needs theory is still relevant in nowadays life. Therefore, what are the five basic human needs according to Maslow? Put your attention on this article, okay?

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The Definition of The Theory of Maslow’s Basic Human Needs

According to, Maslow's theory was brought up in 1943 through an event on Psychological Review by the themeA Theory of Human Motivation, Maslow thought that someone who wants to get a high-level need must have fulfilled the lower level necessities first, like eating and drinking.

In this concept, Maslow conducted an observation on how the monkeys act. FYI, What are the results? From that observation, Maslow concluded that one should achieve several levels of primary needs before others. This urged Maslow to formulate the hierarchical theory of human needs.

Other than that, Maslow was also of the opinion that to fulfill one's need, and one will have the motivation to achieve it. There are two types of motivation, in this case, Whizmates! The first is motivation due to a shortage, and another is motivation to develop.

This motivation due to shortage means an effort someone makes to fulfill what they lack. On the other hand, motivation for development is a motivation that comes naturally to someone to invoke their spirit in achieving their goals. So, what are the basic human needs according to Maslow?

5 Basic Human Needs

Maslow's theory consists of five hierarchies or levels of necessity that we must fulfill. Like what Whizmates already know, as a human, we have desires to continue developing, finding out our advantage, and fulfilling our needs.

This hierarchical theory of Maslow was it explained this basic human need. According to Abraham Maslow, the basic human needs in the leveling order are.

1. Physiological Need

Basic human needs

According to Maslow, the most basic human needs are biological and physical. Some examples of these physiological needs are eating, drinking, clothing, and living space. Or it is commonly known as cloth, food, and home. 

If someone can fulfill their physiological needs, a satisfied feeling will emerge inside them. Therefore, Maslow thought that one could only fulfill the next level of need if their basic needs have already been covered.

2. Safety Need

Someone who has already fulfilled their basic needs will instinctively seek the next thing they need. That is the need for safety. In this second level, Maslow has to insert the need for safety on both physical and emotional levels into basic human needs.

According to Maslow's theory, the need for safety is primarily for children who feel it the most. Some examples are parents who protect their children from outside harm and give them the necessary security.

Other than that, people also need protection from fear, anxiety, and excessive worry. More often than not, they realize how important this feeling of safety is when they don't have it anymore.

3. The Need for Love and Ownership

The existence of loneliness, stress, depression, and excessive worry that one has made Maslow include them in basic human needs. Maslow also classified the feeling of love into two kinds: D-Love or Deficiency Love , and B-Love or Being in Love, being Love. Being Love.

In this theory, when one feels the deficiency of love, they will be categorized as D-Love, which means that D-Love is described as a feeling of love that has oneself as the center.

On the other hand, someone who feels love without receiving any specific return is called B-Love. Modern language interprets this as loving without owning the person on the receiving end.

The third example of this love is needed in making a family, the need to have a connection with other people, the need to socialize, etc.

4. Need to get an award

It is not enough to feel complete, safe, and loved. There are other needs that humans want to have other than them. That is the need for appreciation.

An example of this need is the desire to be acknowledged, whether for our competency, our achievement, the right to be respected, be trusted, and more. The effect of that need will nurture confidence and strength in someone.

5. Requires Self-Actualization

Basic human needs

The highest level of need, according to Maslow, is the need for self-actualization. This refers to one's need to decide where one will go next.

For example, someone aims to make himself number one in Indonesia. To achieve it, he must sacrifice his time, effort, and money to be a leader.

Then, what is the reason that propels this need to be at the highest level? The reason is that one has to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Someone who fails to fulfill this need will usually feel dissatisfied and not confident in their competency.

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So, how is it, Whizmates? Which of those basic human needs have you fulfilled? To fulfill those five needs, you must have motivation, diligence, and consistency! Good luck, Whizmates!