Let's Get Know the Difference between Real and Fake Money

Difference between Real and Counterfeit Money – In conducting transactions, money is the main legal medium of exchange. However, there are some irresponsible people who make counterfeit money. The reason is to seek their own profit. Well, so that you are not deceived, you must be able to distinguish real and fake money.

In recent years, the circulation of counterfeit money is indeed on the rise. In fact, not a few of these people open money exchange services, even though it is not real money.

You will lose a lot if the money is detected as counterfeit money. Of course, you can't use this money as an official medium of exchange.

Actually, to distinguish real and fake money is very easy because real money has characteristics that cannot be imitated, you know. However, you still have to be careful to find out real and fake money. So, how do you find out?

Come on, see the following explanation. Don't miss it, okay?

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Let's Get Know the Difference between Real and Fake Money

According to bi.go.id and 99.co, here's how to tell the difference.

1. See Money Color

If you pay attention to the nominal money of Rp. 100,000, Rp. 50,000, Rp. 20,000, and so on, you can certainly find the location of the dominant color of the money.

For example, the original Rp100,000 denomination. Although, it has a dominant color of red, but if you look closely and carefully, the money has a golden color. However, the color will be green too when viewed from a different angle.

Meanwhile, counterfeit money does not have a variety of colors in one banknote. Counterfeit money only has one dominant color. For example, the Rp100,000 bill which has a dominant color of red. Well, the money only has a red color even though it has been seen from various angles.

2. Use Ultraviolet Light

Difference Between Real and Counterfeit Money

Ultraviolet light can help you to distinguish real money from fake money. The trick is you just put the money under the light. Well, if the money will glow when irradiated by ultraviolet light, then the money is real money. However, on the contrary, if it does not glow, then the money is counterfeit money.

Many also know, outlet stores or even traders that have this ultraviolet light. Its purpose is to check the money received from customers.

3. There is a hidden image

There are multi-colored images in the original banknotes, be it Rp. 100,000, Rp. 50,000, even Rp. 5,000. In addition, there is also a one-color image which is the main image in banknotes.

For example, for IDR 10,000, you can see hidden images if you look closely and carefully. The hidden image is the number 10 which is given a combination of blue, purple, and yellow colors.

If the money is counterfeit, there is not necessarily a hidden picture that you can see. Therefore, we need ultraviolet light or can also be seen.

4. Code for People with Special Needs

Indonesian banknotes do have some raised lines on the right or left side. This line is a code that can be used by people with special needs, one of which is the visually impaired. The goal is for blind people to know the nominal amount of money they are holding.

5. Rectoverso

Difference Between Real and Counterfeit Money

Actually rectoverso is the easiest way to find out real and counterfeit money. You can look at your money and point it at a light source. The light source here doesn't need ultraviolet light.

You can just stare at your money near a light bulb, study lamp, or other light.

Well, the BI symbol on real money is indeed imperfect. However, if you look at it it will form the perfect symbol if it is real money. If it is counterfeit money, even if it is overlaid, the symbol remains imperfectly shaped.

6. The Constellation Eurion

The Eurion constellation is not only a pattern that applies to Indonesian money, but money around the world on average also uses this pattern. This method has been around for a long time, since 1996. The goal is to distinguish real money from counterfeit money.

In addition, this Euryon constellation also aims to prevent photocopies from being copied from being faked.

7. Basic Materials for Real and Counterfeit Money

You need to know that real money and fake money use different basic ingredients. The original money uses the basic material of cotton fiber. In addition, real money is also equipped with threads whose color will change at certain angles.

For counterfeit money, the ingredients vary, depending on the irresponsible person who created it.

8. Real and Fake Money Textures

Difference Between Real and Counterfeit Money

Regarding the texture, real money has more of a rough texture. Especially, on the national coat of arms. Meanwhile, counterfeit money tends to be smoother in texture. Counterfeit money also tends to wrinkle faster because the layers tend to be thinner.

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Those are some of the differences between real money and counterfeit money. Well, for that, we must be more careful in accepting money from other hands, yes! The goal is to avoid various forms of counterfeiting and money fraud.

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