List UMR 2023: Reason Each Region Has Differences!

List UMR 2023 - Do Whizmates know the provincial government has set the minimum or regional minimum wage for 2023? Of course, it will increase in 2023, although it will not be more than 10% of the minimum salary for 2022.

A little flashback, the UMR in each region generally varies. UMR differences are according to the region and the conditions of each regional area. So, which region has the highest UMR? Check out this article to know more!

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The Highest and Lowest UMR Increases

In general, the UMR will increase every year and be adjusted to each province's conditions.

According to datadataAccording to official data from the Ministry of Manpower or Kementerian Ketenagakerja (Kemnaker), West Sumatra Province will experience the highest increase in UMR in 2023. The increase was as much as 9.15 percent to Rp. 2,742,476 million from yesterday's 2022 UMR amounting to Rp. 2,512,539.

Meanwhile, the lowest increase in UMR in 2023, namely Central Java Province, is only 8.01 percent to IDR 1,958,169, and this regulation has been in effect since January 1, 2023.

While the province with the 2023 UMP is held by DKI Jakarta, which reaches IDR 4.9 million. This value increased by IDR 259,940 thousand (5.6%) from the 2022 UMP.

The Reason Why the UMR is Different for Each Region

Maybe Whizmates often guess the fundamental reason the UMR differs in each province. According to, The minimum wage itself will be determined according to decent living needs or KHL in an area.

Every company must examine how much wages must be paid to its workers. In determining the salary, the company will survey the area's needs for clothing, food, and shelter.

Wages will undoubtedly affect the level of motivation of the workers also in completing their obligations. This is because workers can continue to meet the necessities of life adequately and can still be productive.

UMR List in Each Region

The following is a complete list of the 2023 UMR from 33 Provinces in Indonesia, along with the percentage increase you can see.

1. UMR DKI Jakarta: increased by Rp259.944 or 5,6% to Rp4.901.798

2. UMR West Sumatra: increased by Rp229.937 or 9,15% to Rp2.742.476

3. UMR South Sumatra: increased by Rp259.731 or 8,26% to Rp3.404.177

4. UMR North Sumatra: increased by IDR 187,884 or 7.45% to IDR 2,710,493

5. UMR Aceh: increased by IDR 247,206 or 7.8% to IDR 3,413,666

6. UMR Riau: increased by IDR 253,098 or 8.61% to IDR 3,191,662

7. UMR Kepulauan Riau: increased by IDR 229,022 or 7.51 to IDR 3,279,194

8. UMR Jambi: increased by IDR 244,000 or 9.04% to IDR 2,943,033

9. UMR Bangka Belitung: increased by IDR 233,595 or 7.15% to IDR 3,498,479

10. UMR Bengkulu: increased by IDR 180,186 or 8.05% to IDR 2,418,280

11. Lampung UMR: increased by IDR 192,798 or 7.9% to IDR 2,633,284

12. UMR Banten: increased by IDR 160,079 or 6.4% to IDR 2,661,280

13. UMR West Java: increased by IDR 145,182 or 7.88% to IDR 1,986,670

14. UMR Central Java: increased by IDR 145,234 or 8.01% to IDR 1,958,169

15. UMR East Java: increased by IDR 148,676 or 7.86% to IDR 2,040,244

16. UMR DI Yogyakarta: increased by IDR 140,866 or 7.65% to IDR 1,981,782

17. UMR West Kalimantan: increased by IDR 174,273 or 7.1% to IDR 2,608,601

18. UMR Central Kalimantan: increased by IDR 258,497 or 8.8% to IDR 3,181,013

19. UMR South Kalimantan: increased by IDR 243,504 or 8.38% to IDR 3,149,977

20. UMR East Kalimantan: increased by IDR 186,899 or 6.2% to IDR 3,201,396

21. UMR North Kalimantan: increased by IDR 234,967 or 7.79 to IDR 3,251,702

22. UMR West Nusa Tenggara: increased by IDR 164,195 or 7.44% to IDR 2,371,407

23. UMR East Nusa Tenggara: increased by IDR 160,149 or 7.54% to IDR 2,123,994

24. UMR Bali: increased by IDR 196,701 or 7.81% to IDR 2,713,672

25. UMR South Sulawesi: increased by IDR 219,869 or 6.9% to IDR 3,385,145

26. UMR West Sulawesi: increased by IDR 192,931 or 7.2% to IDR 2,871. 794

27. UMR Central Sulawesi: increased by IDR 208,807 or 8.73% to IDR 2,599,546

28. UMR Southeast Sulawesi: increased by IDR 182,997 or 7.1% to IDR 2,758,984

29. UMR North Sulawesi: increased by IDR 174,277 or 5.26% to IDR 3,485,000

30. UMR Gorontalo: increased by IDR 188,500 or 6.74% to IDR 2,983,350

31. UMR Maluku: increased by IDR 207,868 or 7.39% to IDR 2,812,827

32. UMR North Maluku: increased by IDR 114,489 or 3.99% to IDR 2,976,720

33. UMR Papua: increased by IDR 328,499 or 8.5% to IDR 3,864,696

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Thus the 2023 UMR list, along with an explanation of why the UMR in each region may differ. We hope this answers your question Whizmates!